Being a naturalist can be tough sometimes and we know it isn't for everyone. However, if you’re about that life and want to achieve amazing curls then you have to have the right tools. There are tons of tools to choose from for all hair types but we decided to create a list of eight universal tools every natural sister needs to keep her curls popping. 

1. Diffuser

Drybar The Bouncer Diffuser is a must to keep your curls in line! This universal diffuser broadens and reduces the speed of the airflow from your blow-dryer to gently dry, define curls and reduce frizz in naturally curly hair. Just attach to the nozzle of your blow-dryer. Gently scoop large amounts of hair into diffuser, allowing curls to form.

2. Wide Tooth Comb

Everyone needs a durable wide tooth comb. Use this comb along with your favorite conditioner either in the shower or out. It’s for all hair types, gently detangles and enhances the shine in your hair. Assisting your curl pattern with a detangling brush is a much kinder approach to your strands, leaving them less prone to breakage.

3. Denman Hair Brush for Curly Hair 

This brush is known to be the #1 brush for styling naturally curly hair and creating ringlets. This soft hair brush has seven rows of sculpted round-ended nylon pins which gives softer, denser, increased movement and define curls in wet hair. It’s perfect for smoothing, shaping and polishing the hair. Just spray your hair with water, put product in it, comb it through with this brush, and your curls will be back popping! 

4. Afro Pick

Can’t go wrong with this old faithful! It’s flexible and fits the form of your fro. Our people have been using the pick forever and it always gets the job done. Afro picks can be used once your wash-n-go, twist-out or braid out has fully dried. For big hair comb from the roots up to an inch downward. These two different types of afro picks, plastic or metal the choice is yours.

5. Edge Brush

Of course you have to have a separate brush for your baby hairs! Some naturalists opt for using spare toothbrushes to slick their baby hairs. No matter the method, a small groomer and the perfect edge control gel will have you slaying sleek styles.

6. Flexi Rods

Anyone with natural hair stands by flex rods! They’re literally a life saver. Using as little heat as possible on natural hair will help your curls thrive, but you may want to switch up your curl pattern every now and then. For this pull out those flexi rods to create heat-free spirals. Available in a range of sizes, they can give your mane an amazing new look.

7. Spray Bottle

Sometimes a little water goes a long way! Keeping a spray bottle handy will help when you need to spritz your hair with leave-ins, moisturizers, and oils all at once. 

8. Hair Steamer

Having a hard time keeping their strands hydrated, a hair steamer makes life so much easier. Moist heat from a steamer helps your go-to conditioners and moisturizers better penetrate the hair shaft. You can find plenty of great hair steamers on Amazon and most are easy to set up and take down. 

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