Living your best sex life all starts with your actions, beliefs, and daily behaviors. Living your best sex life doesn’t have to be taboo either. There are plenty of rulebooks and stereotypes out there that claim a good sex life is a matter of specific rules and guidelines, however, the key to living out this part of your life is really a matter of your own rules and preferences. Are you more verbal when it comes to guiding a significant other to perform better in the bedroom? Or are you more passive? As simple as these questions may be they are the start to asking yourself tough questions that can help you experience more pleasure within your life. 

Embrace all of your sexuality 

If something doesn’t feel right or isn’t serving you in the best way, this can potentially be hinting at a need for you to embrace your full sexuality, no matter what it may be. Embracing all of who you are can actually help to increase the amount of pleasure you receive when dating and getting to know other people. 

Be vocal with your partner

Being vocal with a s/o is the key to experiencing a more happy and pleasurable love life. If something isn’t working, it’s better to express how you feel rather than hold onto pent-up emotions. 

Express clear and concise intentions 

Expressing clear and concise intentions with a partner can help take the ease off of expectations. And though expectations can still arise from time to time, having clear intentions about what it is you’re looking for can help eliminate the burden of pressure. 

Try something different 

Trying different things doesn’t mean that you have to completely go haywire in the bedroom, however, it does mean that you’re allowed to switch things up from time to time. Sometimes getting out of our comfort zone can mean that we lose sight of the shore every now and then. 

Schedule some time for intimacy 

When it comes to scheduling time for work, our sex lives deserve the same energy. If you’re in need of a little bit of TLC try planning a date you can look forward to that can help ease the stress and tension from work. 

Take your time 

Despite how busy your day might be, your sexual encounters should not be rushed, if they are, it’s probably time for you to reevaluate whether or not your truly getting a bang for your buck. Taking your time can mean simply moving slower than usual and truly gathering all of the pleasure that’s knocking at your door. 

More affection may be called for 

This isn’t to say that your significant other is the love of your life, but can mean that your sex life can significantly improve if you’re a little less reserved and a bit more affectionate. Our love lives are supposed to be outlets where we can release the burdens of our everyday lives, not the other way around. Try putting the shield down for a moment in time, it will be there when you decide to pick it up again.