“Dry January” is the 31-day period of zero alcohol consumption. While not a drop of alcohol may pass through your lips during this challenge, the consumption of fun, fruity and delicious drinks isn’t ruled out. The good news is that the options are abundant.

Admittedly “Dry January” has always been something that I’ve wanted to try. As part of the “wellness generation,” which consists of Millennials and Gen Zers, it was inevitable that I would test out healthier ways to start the New Year. With the rise of the ‘sober curious’ movements, “Dry January” has become more popular. I found that there were a few things that made the month without alcohol more interesting. From sophisticated non-alcoholic drinks to nighttime elixirs, there is something for everyone to enjoy. 

Reasons for Dry January 

Many people have reasons for participating in “Dry January.” Some wish to minimize their dependency on alcoholic drinks while socializing. Others want to focus on their health or cut down the cost of purchasing alcohol. Some simply want to try something new and start the New Year with accomplishment.

Whatever the reason, committing to an alcohol-less month isn’t the easiest. It’s especially challenging if you’re raised around a culture of drinking or want to make a comeback after an indulgent holiday period. I found most success when I exercised self-compassion, paid attention to my body during the transition and didn’t obsess over what should be a fun switch up. 

Avoid a Boring “Dry January” With These Tips

Mocktail Experiments  


Let’s make a pomegranate spritz mocktail! Ingredients • 2 oz pomegranate juice • 2 oz fresh orange juice • 1/2 oz honey • 1 oz gin alternative • top @Q Mixers Club Soda • Garnish: pomegranate arils + thyme + orange slice #mocktailrecipe #mocktailgirlie #holidaymocktail

♬ let it snow – christmas music !! 🎅🏻🎄

The list of mocktails to get creative with are endless. Find some inspiration on TikTok, Pinterest or Instagram. Host a ‘Dry January’ get-together to show off your creations. Discovering flavorsome mocktails in this way is sure to keep you motivated to indulge in new flavors. 

Pay Attention to the Small Details 

Opting out of alcoholic beverages expands your palette immensely. Rather than choosing your go-to trusty cocktail combo, going sober will help you identify the tastes that you appreciate. It’s the perfect opportunity to notice the small details of what other flavors you might’ve otherwise missed. 

Find Things to Enjoy Besides Drinking 

It’s super important to create a full social life that doesn’t revolve around drinking. Some use “Dry January,” as an opportunity to develop hobbies and rediscover social activities that are sober-friendly. 

Get Yourself a Support System 

It goes without saying that “Dry January” is more fun when you have a support system. Whether you have friends and family joining you in the challenge or simply your people who are there to support, it’s easier with others. Having words of encouragement and people ready to remind you of your goal is crucial. My non-drinking and drinking friends made sure to be a part of my experience. I appreciated the solidarity and genuine interest.

Be Curious 

I had the best “Dry January” experiences while trusting my curiosity. Asking bartenders for their favorite mocktail options or discovering new juice bars were all as a result of being led by curiosity rather than habit. Out of this came a new love for bubble tea dates with friends rather than cocktails or an obsession with smoothie recipes that are tailored to all the ingredients I love.

The Non-Alcoholic Travel High

I’ve experienced alcohol-free vacations in January that have turned out to be more enjoyable than most were expecting. The trick to traveling without drinking is to expand your idea of “fun.” Typically, tourist destinations assume that part of the vacation enjoyment includes getting merry with cocktail in hand. Finding alternative, less alcohol-inducing environments will lessen the pressure. It also helps to have travel companions who understand your intentions. Have fun, see the world and let January be a month of uncompromised sober greatness.