The distinctly pleasing green hue we are all dying to wear on an everyday occasion, has once again romanticized mundane fashion and has set aside the limits to which fashion enthusiasts can take their every day ready to wear silhouettes to the next level. 

Bottega Veneta’s Spring/Summer 2021 show was a first glimpse into a brand that would forever change our outlook on how we wear flashy yet elegant clothes. From Chanel to YSL, Bottega Veneta is one of the luxury fashion houses that has broken the internet during the ongoing pandemic, resulting in once a slept on color to now be worn daily by fashion enthusiasts, celebrities, and models all over the world. 

If there is one trend that has dominated the fashion scene of today’s 21st century, it would have to be Bottega Veneta’s green embellished silhouettes that have plagued our Instagram feeds, and have sparked inspiration within our Pinterest mood boards. 

And although trends are often fleeting, oddly enough, Bottega’s green signatures are here to stay, and here’s why. Green, the color of vitality, success, and abundance, has most recently risen from the ashes and has made an unanticipated comeback into each of our closets. It’s no coincidence that this vivacious color has graced the esteemed fashion connoisseur’s latest wardrobe shortly after the ongoing pandemic, resulting in a loss of hope within the scope of fashion and a normal world that we once knew.

Throughout the pandemic we’ve seen a rise in ready to wear fashion and fashion houses that have stamped their mission statements to cater to the common everyday lives of its buyers. The color green, just so happened to fall into our laps the exact moment we needed it most. We’ve applied deeper meanings and symbolisms within our everyday lives in some complexity, and although a trend is perceived only as a concept that is temporary, trends have oddly brought us together, and even more so during such a pivotal time in world history. 

The color green is merely just perceived as a bright hue. It’s symbolism reigns deeper than with a glimpse of an eye despite the color’s satisfying look and appeal. Within a broader concept , we must analyze Color Psychology (The theory of assigning emotions and psychological connotations between color and emotions). 

One of the reasons why Bottega Veneta has broken fashion charts is because of our brain’s cognitive reaction to how we perceive and feel from colors. To put it simply, it’s like seeing an adorable puppy on the street that you just can’t help but feel giddy and react to the puppy in a positive way. 

“Wardrobe, of course, is far from the only place in our lives where color comes into play. But the point still stands: color is vital to the human experience. Through color, we feel; we communicate; we heal. Those in advertising use it to sell products; those in schools and offices use it to increase productivity.” - Color Psychology Org 

In this case, the color green has now taken form of that adorable puppy. It’s appealing to look at and sparks feelings of content, joy, and inner happiness. The color green, also just so happens to be most associated with nature, therefore bringing a grounding presence within our energy and overall world view. 

The color green is also associated with growth, health, fertility, and generosity, which is especially lucky in regards to our finances. It’s no wonder why the typical fashion consumer resonates with it most in a material sense!

As mentioned previously, this looming yet satisfying trend has overtaken our Instagram feeds and has sparked a new conversation when it comes to breaking old fashion norms and putting an end to mediocrity. This extremely lucky color has proven to be the opposite due to a not so ordinary viewpoint of green embellishments that have always been considered as masculine and unordinary within the fashion world.  

Since its inception back in the mid to late 60’s, Bottega Veneta has undergone extreme changes, from flat women crossbody bags to losing Bottega’s former Creative Director, Daniel Lee, the brand has still managed to remain intact and its influence plastered wherever you go.