Whether we realize it or not, astrology plays a huge part in our day-to-day lives, and in this case we’re embarking on a pivotal time that will significantly impact our astrology charts in a positive way. 

Mars in Capricorn takes place from January 24th and will continue to grace our presence until March 6th, which is said to help impact our romantic relationships in a passionate way. A change that we all drastically need in our lives with the never-ending burden of all that’s taking place around us on a daily basis. 

Mars is the planet of action, sex, and aggression which significantly impacts our sex drives, ambitions, and instincts. Ultimately, making this critical time perfect for finishing any tasks that still require our attention. Mars especially loves being in Capricorn due to sharing similar traits of fiery energies that make us hone in on getting things done. In this case, it comes as a significant positive change in how we relate to others romantically. Your sex life can increase in a very passionate way if you’ve been experiencing somewhat of a drought lately. 

“Mars in Capricorn gives us a laser focus that allows us to tackle all of those things we may have been procrastinating,” says Murphy Madi Murphy, the co-founder of Cosmic RX and The Cosmic Revolution to Refinery29. “Mars in Cap is also meticulous with the details, so use this time to clean up any plans or processes.” 

With Mars in Capricorn being a six-week process, we have more than enough time to make our goals a reality, and if your goals are more focused on exploring the romantic fascists of your life when it comes to planning, and mapping out your goals, Mars in Capricorn can be a great help to you. “If you are in a relationship, this is an ideal time to do some future planning and map out goals, not just for you, but for the two of you,” says Murphy to Refinery29. “If you are single, use this transit to take charge and step into the driver’s seat. Make the first move like a boss and see what happens.” 

A date we can really look forward to when it comes to the stars positively aligning is March 3rd, where the planetary shifts of energy can positively influence the manifestation process by helping to make healthy changes for us to live our best lives. And In that case, March 3rd can be a significant date within your astrology chart as Mars, Venus, and Pluto are conjunct in Capricorn. According to the astrologer, Desiree Roby Antila, “This is an incredibly dynamic combination of energy. This trio will fuel our aspirations to levels we have yet to experience. If you have wanted something that seemed impossible before, there is now nothing stopping you from getting it now,”  

She adds, “take risks, say yes to everything, and let your fears go during this transit — but remember to keep your feet on the ground, since Pluto tends to make things intense.” 

Staying grounded amidst life-changing events is crucial towards reaping the positive benefits Mars in Capricorn has to offer, and whether its manifesting dream goals, or living fiery romantic lives, rest assured this time can help you in drastic ways, so be sure to take risks and make the changes you’ve been meaning to make as this time can be your best friend, and yes, especially in the bedroom.