There's something so empowering about having long, manicured nails for so many of us. Of course, it's not a feeling everyone likes, but when it's for you, it can be pretty addicting. But getting the salon treatment every two weeks can do damage to your wallet as well as your nails themselves. Harsh tools and chemicals used in salons can leave your nails weak and brittle, so if you ever want to let them breathe they might be pretty ugly.

Although nothing is better for your fingertips than keeping them clean and polish/acrylic free, some healthier (and cheaper) options include press-on nails. Before you click out of this article, understand that the press-on game has been upgraded in a major way. Not only do they now come in light weights so they blend seamlessly onto your natural nails, they also come in so many shapes and sizes now. You'll be able to find some that fit your particular fingers no matter how large or small. And tons of them now come in easy-to-file materials so you can completely customize the fit and the style of the tip.

Many brands are even sending nails pre-painted or with next-level embellishments. That makes the whole experience a 10-minutes-or-less ordeal. Who could beat it? And although nail glue isn't exactly healthy for your nails, you'll notice how much better your nails look compared to the typical filed-down mess that comes with having poppin' acrylics. 

If you want a healthier, cheaper alternative or you just get sick of your nails after a couple of days, at-home press-on nails are the answer for you.

Check out some of our favorite brands below!

Static Nails

This brand carries press-on nails in different shapes and finishes, but it specializes in having unique, on-trend designs. Each kit also comes with nail glue (and you can buy refills if you run out).


Along with traditional shapes and colors, NailHur puts together a gorgeous bedazzled nail. Watch out for collaborations with your favorite beauty bloggers!


Your favorite fast-fashion retailer also makes beauty products — including press-ons in a variety of colors and for less than $10. Perfect for giving this trend a try or for a special night out.


Amazon's marketplace is a great place to buy super basic press-on nails in bulk. This is my personal favorite brand and they come in a variety of lengths and shapes. Once box costs less that $10 and will last you all year. Glue sold separately.