Their Brooklyn stoop wedding was a true quarantine treat now Project Runway host Elaine Welteroth and her musician husband Jonathan Singletary are expecting their first child. The pair announced the news via social media along with an adorable clip of the day they found out they were expecting as well as hospital visits and sharing the news with their loved ones.

 Discussing the big news with PEOPLE Elaine said, “I'm so excited to finally share the excitement with our friends and extended community. It's been so hard to keep this a secret! I'm just excited to learn more about what this new life is here to teach us. I'm already learning so much from this experience. We are both excited to experience new levels of love.” 

Welteroth has shared the details of how she and her husband grew up going to the same church, lost touch but ended up back in communication thanks to their mothers. It’s a true movie ending and a perfect beginning to their love story with one another. 

"We always knew — God willing — that one day we would be parents, but no one talks about what it's like when that one day becomes today. Even with a husband, a house and a career, somehow I still didn't feel quite ready or adult enough to be somebody's mom,” Elaine shared, “But there's nothing that compares to the blessing of the moment you hear that little heartbeat — it changes everything. You just surrender to God's plan and divine timing.” In their announcement, set to Singletary’s upcoming single “Lullaby,” the pair can be seen hearing their babies heartbeat for the first time and being in awe over the child’s uncanny resemblance to their father. "I'm freaking out right now. This baby looks exactly like Jonathan," she says.

The baby is expected to make their appearance in Spring 2022.

We are wishing Elaina and Jonathan nothing but blessings for their new bundle of joy! 

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