Warmer weather and extra daylight have arrived, so hot girl summer is approaching quickly.

Hot Girl Summer was initially coined by the original Hot Girl, Megan Thee Stallion. The phrase has since become part of Millennial and Gen Z’s daily vocabulary. In addition to being catchy, Hot Girl Summer represents more than a season. It’s a lifestyle. While everyone may have a personal take on the catchphrase, its underlying message is to evoke confidence in women and men to be authentically themselves without shame or judgment from their peers. 

For some, this could look like being the life of the party. For others, it could be stepping out of their comfort zone by posting a new picture or switching up their style. The Hot Girl Coach delivers constant reminders through her music, TikTok videos and Instagram posts that a hot girl summer exists all year round.

To help inspire confidence, add these 10 songs to your playlist for the ultimate hot girl summer experience.

Boy Bye – Chloë

Getting rid of a toxic relationship, whether platonic or romantic, is the first requirement for a hot girl summer. Carefree, free-spirited and liberation are the vibes of a hottie. Toxicity gets in the way of that freedom, which Chloe Bailey sings farewell to in her latest single on her forthcoming sophomore album.

Get It Sexxy – Sexxy Red

Tapping into your inner confidence takes practice and time, but this hot girl anthem helps speed up the process. Sexxy Red has consistently delivered songs where the woman is the main character. The high-energy beat makes it irresistible to not stop everything and turn up to the catchy tune. “Get It Sexxy” is a track for women and their homegirls to enjoy.


Being unbothered by everyone else’s opinions and perceptions of you makes this song relatable. JT, one half of the rap duo City Girls, is known for her unapologetic, raw lyrics. Her raps not only provide Instagram-worthy captions, but also remind listeners of the power they possess. In JT’s world, there is no competition, and her music empowers fans to view themselves the same way.

Jump – Tyla

There is only one thing Tyla wants her fans to do this summer: dance their hearts out. The South African pop singer made airwaves after the viral release of “Water.” Since then, she has continued to deliver lively sounds made for the dance floor. “Jump” doesn’t stray away from her upbeat sounds, as the song celebrates a lavish lifestyle free of drama.

Wanna Be – Megan Thee Stallion and GloRilla

Rapper GloRilla teamed up with the Hot Girl Coach for a song on self-worth and setting standards for anyone, particularly men, who enter their circle. This song rids the idea of people-pleasing and stands on the notion of women executing their autonomy with people and situations.

Yeah Glo! – GloRilla

GloRilla strikes again with another hit on her hands. She ruled the summer with her 2022 release of “F.N.F,” and she may reclaim that honor again with “Yeah Glo!”. Her self-affirming lyrics are the star of the show as she hypes up herself throughout the song. The positive affirmations attached to the lively beat are the perfect recipe for a confidence boost.

After Hours – Kehlani

While this summer is designated for the girls, there’s nothing wrong with finding a summer fling. Kehlani’s new track took over TikTok as users created their dances to the infectious beat. While toxic relationships are out this season, being a lover girl is always in, and Kehlani reminds us to embrace that.

Richitivities – Saweetie

Saweetie is known to make bops for the girls. The “Icy Girl” rapper flexes her expensive lifestyle while also bringing out her confidence in this single. Dont’ worry. Living an upscale lifestyle doesn’t always have to come with a hefty price tag attached. There’s nothing wrong with balling on a budget this summer.

Never Lose Me Remix – Flo Milli, SZA, Cardi B

This lover girl anthem is a bop that listeners can’t get enough of since it was first released in 2023. The rapper added SZA and Cardi B for that extra girl power. For those heading into summer with a romance, this song empowers women to maintain their self-worth and confidence while in a relationship.

Enough – Cardi B

Cardi B always makes music with women in mind. For her recent single “Enough,” she sends a message on the importance of not allowing the haters to get to her or get in her way. It’s the perfect song to add to any Hot Girl Summer playlist.