When it comes to the digital realm, we’re starting to see synergy occur between virtual experiences and our physical world. Augmented reality has played a huge part in cultivating such immersive experiences, from face filters to virtually placing furniture and decor in your home. Now, there’s one more experience to add to that list. It comes courtesy of the company that’s reimagining candles, Spoken Flames.

Regarded as one of the best-smelling candles by New York Magazine, Spoken Flames is redefining the candle sensory experience. Founder, Shavaun Christian designed these candles to enhance the way we practice self-care. Each scent is crafted to create a meditative moment amplified by words and phrases of inspiration. All Spoken Flame candles have an audio component in the form of a poem, an immersive sound, or an affirmation. To activate, users simply open their Instagram apps to the camera, point at the candle, and reveal the hidden message that awaits them. By pairing these alluring scents with engaging visuals and sounds, you can achieve a full sensory experience.


“Focused” Candle

The brand carries an assortment of individual candles, each sporting a word or phrase of empowerment. With quality sourced fragrances, each candle is made from a sweet coconut wax, has dual wooden wicks, and a burn time of 55 hours. One of their best-selling candles is “Focused.” Scented with a warm blend of vanilla, eucalyptus, and sandalwood, this candle is ideal for a self-care day. Once the candle has been lit, you can use your phone to enable the AR experience which features a spoken-word poem.


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“Fearless” Candle

Another highly acclaimed candle is “Fearless,” which was touted as “Best Candle Gift” and “Best in Class” by Architectural Digest and New York Magazine, respectively. With a purpose to literally spark a sense of empowerment, the warm notes of cedarwood, spice clove, and orange envelop you with words of affirmation.


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“F, Yes Trio Set” Gift Set

If you’re looking for a gift set, the “F, Yes Trio Set is perfect for any occasion. This set features three candles with an array of floral, citrus, and woody scents, each complimented with AR enabled messages.


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Being a resourceful brand, Spoken Flames makes it a point to familiarize each customer with the proper methods of caring for their candles. As the candles continue to burn, it’s recommended to keep the wicks trimmed at ¼ of an inch to ensure a “healthy flame height.” Once your candle has dwindled down, you can easily convert the candle glass to hold various items or use it as a cocktail glass.  

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