The cannabis market is, in a nutshell, exploding. According to Data Bridge Market Research, the medical marijuana industry is growing by 25 percent, year over year, and it's expected to be a multi-billion industry by 2028. In addition, as of this writing, 15 states have legalized cannabis, which has also contributed to the explosion in the cannabis market growth. So naturally, this explosion in the market has led to the growth of several Black-owned cannabis businesses, too. 

And while Curaleaf isn't fully Black-owned per se, it does have Black pharmacists on staff — pharmacists who understand women's health, especially Black women's health, and work overtime to create products that address their unique needs. 

"Women are turning to cannabis for a variety of health reasons, including but not limited to sleep, menstruation, menopause, anxiety, and migraines," said Duclas Charles, PharmD, the Curaleaf staff pharmacist. 

Charles also said that insomnia is the most common culprit for medical cannabis consumption (with nearly 50 percent of all women polled citing it as the reason for consuming medical cannabis). And, he said, not all cannabis products are the same. 

"Cannabis can be consumed in varying forms, including inhalation (flower and vape pens), sublingually (tinctures and micro-tablets), and orally (capsules and edibles). Each has different effects, and there are different reasons why you might choose one dosage form over another, especially when considering why you are consuming cannabis in the first place," he said. "For example, inhalation results in the onset within seconds and lasts for 2-3 hours, while capsules typically take 1-2 hours to kick in but last the longest – anywhere from 6 to 10 hours."

Below is a list of Curaleaf products that Charles recommends and for what purpose. However, before taking any products listed below — or any medical marijuana products — it's important to consult with your doctor to ensure that medical marijuana is right for you.


Curaleaf CuraChews are firm gels that aren't too sticky or too hard. For patients that like to consume cannabis orally, CuraChews are great. The typical onset is 30-90 minutes. Effects, on average, are reported to last 6-8 hours, making these a great option for patients that need extended relief.


Sublingual tinctures take 15-30 minutes to work and last 4-6 hours, making them a great option for ongoing symptom management. In addition, tinctures are very versatile, as the dose can be easily increased or decreased based upon the patient's changing needs.


Select Squeeze is Curaleaf's newest product that utilizes nanotechnology to transform any beverage into a THC-infused, flavor-enhanced experience. The THC compounds dissolve evenly into any beverage and are more rapidly and efficiently absorbed into the bloodstream, with effects felt in as little as 15-30 minutes, significantly faster than traditional edibles. In addition, the product's intuitive, proprietary bottle design features a unique fill-and-pour reservoir that makes precision microdosing more straightforward than ever. The compact design also makes it ideal for discreet use on the go.


Designed for use with a vaporizer, Ground Flower contains all-natural cannabis flowers and plant terpenes. Each refill contains 3.5g or 7g of cured cannabis flower in a 20:1 THC: CBD ratio. As inhalation is the fastest-acting route of administration at a very affordable price point, vaporization continues to be the most popular choice for many patients.


NANO drops are used by many people who need relief quickly. "Nano" means tiny. It's also shorthand for nanomolecular technology. Using this nanotechnology, we're able to create a cannabis drop that contains incredibly tiny, water-soluble cannabinoids. This is key because it means that you don't have to wait for your cannabis to digest before it starts working. NANO products also make the cannabinoids more bio-available within the body, leading to more efficient absorption and more consistent effects.


The Curaleaf Chocolate bar is deliberately smaller than what someone would typically find on the market, and yet it contains a whopping 100 mg of THC. The goal here is to deliver the dose in a satisfying nibble. The bar is separated into 20 portions (~5mg each), allowing patients to ingest the right dose for the effect they need. This is especially ideal for patients and consumers who might have trouble sleeping and medicate before bed and like just a small bite of sweetness.

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