IROC Extensions, a luxury hair extension company based in Houston, Texas, is committed to bringing awareness about breast cancer by honing in on the value of beauty at every stage. On October 28th, IROC will host the second annual Fifty Shades of Pink, a beauty celebration for women in every stage of the fight where self-confidence, women empowerment, and self-esteem are of high priority. Not only is IROC creating a space for women to be empowered and beautified, but throughout the month of October, all purchases made through their website are being fully matched in order to provide custom wig units to fighters and survivors who have experienced hair loss as a side-effect of chemotherapy.

During the event, IROC will give ladies an opportunity to feel beautiful from the inside-out by providing fighters and survivors with complimentary makeovers and a room filled with women who want to spread enough love to wrap around the globe. In speaking with the owner Ashanti Morse about why it was so important for her to hold this event, here's what she said:

"While watching my aunt battle breast cancer, I witnessed first-hand how her outward appearance helped keep her spirits high through the day-to-day fight, although she was experiencing internal pain. Often times, we forget how that little boost of confidence ignites something in each of us and adds that little extra umph where we need it. Being able to provide women a reason to smile, especially during this fight is priceless. With all of the other variables that are happening in each of their lives, I decided to check beauty off of their list because when we look our best, we feel our best."

Every fighter deserves to be celebrated and to have a community of supporters cheering for their victory every step of the way!

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