Learning to have more self-compassion isn’t always easy, but in 2024, maybe it can become more achievable. In essence, self-compassion is being able to console, forgive, be gentle and understanding towards yourself. While some people naturally know how to be easy on themselves during tough times, others may struggle. For instance, highly self-compassionate people tend to speak positively over their mistakes and shortcomings.

The start of the new year is the perfect time to be kinder to yourself and become used to self-compassion. A boost in loving language and responses will go a long way, but the first step is becoming an expert at nurturing rather than immediately scorning yourself. If you’re lacking self-compassion, read on for examples of welcoming more self-compassion in your life. 

3 Easy Ways To Become More Self-Compassionate in 2024

If self-compassion is on your 2024 moodboard, then keep these 3 ideas in mind:

Tame Your Inner Critic

A huge part of becoming more self-compassionate is taming your inner critic. Strengthening self-compassion often means silencing your harsh words. Consider these phrases to help make self-compassion seem more achievable. For instance, whenever you feel your inner critic’s voice growing louder, you could repeat: 

“I’m choosing to respond in kindness today” or, 

“I no longer need to criticize myself harshly ” or, 

“I am my own safe space, and I can silence my inner critic”.

Over time, the practice should become easier, and you’ll reduce the harsh criticism you allow yourself to absorb. 

Making Mindfulness A Habit

Without a doubt, mindfulness can influence the way we approach self-compassion. Mindful living is rooted in thinking and being present, and shows up in everyday decision-making and self-talk. Mindfully resisting old habits of criticism lends to more present-moment awareness. 

Being present is an encouraging way to notice your thoughts and habits. Also, mindfulness helps to adjust the habits and behaviors we engage in on auto-pilot.

Here are some mindful habits to consider: 



Vision boarding 

Reciting affirmations 

Move your body daily 

Mindful cooking/preparation 

Minimize screen time

Self massage

Journaling for Self-Compassion

Journaling is a great way to encourage greater self-compassion. Whether there are a few areas you’d like to focus on or are open to exploring, there are several ways to approach journaling. Keeping a journal serves as a great way to nurture self-care and self-compassion. Journaling your emotions and feelings around self-compassion may help you understand your habits better. Additionally, writing lovingly to yourself will make speaking in loving language even easier. Here are a few journal prompts to focus on to become more self-compassionate:

How would you respond to this mistake if you offered compassion to a friend?

  • This journal prompt allows you to transfer the compassion and look at yourself with more kindness. Offering yourself the same kindness as you would a friend is a great way to navigate self-compassion.

What are some things you consider weaknesses that may actually be strengths?

  • This prompt will allow you to reconsider the potentially hard-to-love aspects about yourself and extend compassion.

What could you do as part of your morning routine to encourage self-compassion throughout the day?

  • Solidify your compassionate behavior by including it as part of your morning routine.

Why are you motivated to become a more self-compassionate version of yourself? Write a letter to yourself about this motivation.

  • Identifying your initial ‘why’ is useful in reminding yourself of what will keep you dedicated to actualizing self-compassion. Also, writing a love letter to yourself will help make compassion easier to access whenever you need a pre-written boost.