Life has taught us a lot over the past two years, and we must admit that living through historical events and case studies can damage our mental health. Many of us have become traumatized by the recent events, and we may have difficulty moving on from that. So, if you find yourself not knowing how to move forward, here are five ways to develop resilience and strengthen your mental disposition.


You are the one person that is constantly going to be with you. You are in charge of talking to yourself and defining the one view you will have of yourself for a very long time. It is more likely than not that the small comments you make about yourself will profoundly affect your mental disposition more than you think. If someone constantly calls you stupid or incompetent, you might fight that opinion the first few times, but slowly, you will find yourself blaming your quirks and flaws on the fact that the most recent verdict that you got on your character was that you were incompetent and slowly, you will find yourself embodying these traits. Why choose less when you can define the narrative?


Doing some form of movement for at least twenty minutes three days a week can have a profound effect on your mental and physical health. You communicate to yourself every time you sacrifice your comfort to move that you are indeed worth the effort. That, in turn, creates a ripple effect on other aspects of your life. Your mentality shifts from "that's the best I can do" to "I am indeed worth the effort," in all spheres of your life, and this will help you develop resilience against negativity.


As tedious as the task may be, journaling is a great way to find out all the hidden thoughts that we often don't get to process with the business of life. Slowing down to write our thoughts out and understand how our subconscious thoughts can affect our lives is powerful. Journaling is a form of therapy and this simple act of just blurting everything out is a significant step on the journey of building mental fortitude. 

Commit To Completing Your To-Do List: 

The simple act of checking things off on your list of day-to-day activities is an affirming act as it reminds you that you are capable of keeping promises to yourself. This, in turn, raises your self-esteem because who doesn't want to be known as that badass that gets things done when they say they will? Reinvent yourself and reintroduce yourself to you as the new and improved. It is something that you will have to work at every single day for the rest of your life, but it is worth it.


To believe the things that you say when reciting your mantras, you need to trust yourself. When you do all the things you say you will do, you establish that you become a person you can trust. Think of it like this: If someone constantly breaks the promises they make, you will inevitably have a harder time trusting them and valuing their word because it often amounts to nothing. However, when someone constantly makes good on their promises, not only is it easier for you to trust them, but it will be easier for you to cut them some slack if they aren't able to come through on some occasion. 

As you embark on this journey to establishing resilience, we hope you find the best version of yourself and stick with it forever.