You deserve to time away from your digitalized life without the loud and persistent guilt calling you back. FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) can sometimes ruin your growing desire for minimal screen time. Research from Data Reportal proves that the average screen time for users around the world aged 16 to 64 – across different platforms and devices – is 6 hours 37 minutes per day.  When it comes to mobile devices, people spend an average of 3 hours 46 minutes with their eyes on their screens worldwide. Yet, there is a rise in awareness of the impact screen time has on health and happiness. Some choose to minimize their screen time for improved vitality or to reconnect with nature, while others spend more time with people socializing in public spaces. 

Why FoMO?

The fear of missing out, FoMO, happens when you feel like you’re missing out on social interactions and milestones you want to maintain or be a part of. The online world is a place of constant movement and endless dialogue, so it is easy to feel forgotten about or left behind. FoMO can manifest differently depending on the app and platform you’re using. Furthermore, social media, in particular, has become a source of addiction and makes taking digital breaks seem impossible. Temporarily removing yourself from your online platforms can feel like separating yourself from your social circles, increasing FoMO.

Read on to discover ways to stay offline without pressure to return. 

6 Ideas to beat FOMO and enjoy your analogue time

Remember Why You Chose to Take A Break

Start with awareness of your reasons for taking some time off socials. Are you feeling an information overload? Are you in need of more me-time? Write a list of reasons and return to it whenever you’re feeling like you’re on the verge of FoMO.

Make A Habit of Taking a Break 

Maybe you need to get used to the feeling of being away from social media. If you’re happy with your decision to commit to a digital detox, create sustainable routines to help. Consider minimizing your screen time and normalize it in your daily life. For example, take a break from your digital devices every Sunday or evenings from 8 pm until the next morning. Try new things and find what works best for you. 

Find Ways To Strengthen Your Connection To Your Local Community Spaces 

Being present in a physical space allows you to express yourself more authentically. Specifically, start showing up in person with your community. Replace your scrolling with conversations with a strangers. Soon, you’ll begin feeling belonging within your neighboorhood. Also, finding the third places is a great way to become a part of your local community, support local businesses, and learn new things about your community. You can challenge yourself to find a new third place every month (or week if you live in a big city).

Reach Out To Your Friends And Family IRL 

Social media isn’t always very social. Users, like myself, often find themselves in a cycle of checking their apps constantly and distantly observing those they follow without genuine interaction. Find time to check in on friends and family in real life. Make an effort to schedule a call or a visit in person because nothing beats old-school connection. 

Book Clubs For The Win 

Book clubs are great places to forget about the fast-paced world of social media. Replace your extra screen time with reading and discussions. Book club can provide you with a chance to indulge in new worlds. The literary hobby may also provide you with new book loving friends, too. 

Hot Girl Walks. Fall Girl Walks. Just Walk.

TikTok is teaching us how to make the most of idle strolling, whether it is a hot girl walk, a fall girl walk, or a regular ole walk. Walking can help you clear your mind, notice yourself and your environment, or envision a great way to forget what you think you’re missing.