Just because you’re on a diet doesn't mean you shouldn’t be able to go out to eat. It can feel impossible, but you can find healthy foods while you’re eating out, too. Here are a few ways to help you find healthy foods next time you find yourself in this situation. 

Look for the “skinny” menu

A lot of restaurants have started separating out their healthier entrees\ or putting indicators marking these meals as under a certain amount of calories. Try to look for these options as soon as you sit down! Don’t get distracted by the other potentially tempting or fattening entrees. 

If there isn’t a skinny menu, look for substitution options

There’s a chicken breast option, except it comes with a side of french fries on a bed of mashed potatoes. Don’t fret! Ask your server if you can substitute your french fries and mashed potatoes for the vegetable of the day or fruit salad. Switching out your sides is one of the easiest ways to make your meal healthier. 

Keep your eyes peeled for certain words

If anything says “creamy” or has the word “cheese” in it, it’s probably not healthy. Keep your eyes out for words that will indicate a heavy, cream-based sauce, or deceptively healthy dishes that will come to your table covered in cheese. 

Skip the drinks! 

Alcohol is one of the biggest reasons why people have a hard time losing weight. The benefits of your salmon and veggies will go right down the drain as soon as you’ve finished your first glass of wine. 

Dessert? Don’t even think about it. 

I have the worst sweet tooth in the world. If I see the dessert menu, odds are my willpower goes completely out of the window. If you have a hard time saying no to dessert, like me, say no when the server asks if anyone would like to see the dessert menu. If others at your table order dessert, fight the urge to steal a few bites when they aren’t looking! If you're really struggling with your sweet tooth, ask if there are any fresh fruit dessert options (strawberries with whipped cream, fruit salad, etc).