Have you been glancing at yourself in the mirror lately and ready to switch up your hairstyle? As Black women, our hair is a form of expression and often carries a lot of meaning to us. Choosing between faux locs and box braids for a special occasion is an experience shared by Black women, so it’s obvious that we’re going to choose a flattering style that makes us equally comfortable. While choosing a hairstyle, you can measure the shape of your face to find a style that accents your facial features.

Six of the most common face shapes are heart, oval, rectangular, diamond, square and round. Although diamond and oval shapes are likely to have more versatility, this information will help to identify the features that you can accentuate. Tie your hair back and take a photo of yourself, so you can trace the outline of your face and pair it with a shape. An alternative method is using a 12-inch ruler to measure the proportions of your cheekbones and jawline, length from chin to forehead and width of your brows. 

For a heart-shaped face

Your narrow jawline and visible cheekbones are the best features to bring attention to, so a cut below the ears will highlight both. Think a bob or pixie cut, and don’t be afraid to add a little color!

For an oval-shaped face

Luckily for you, oval-shaped faces serve as a versatile face shape that complements any hairstyle. Are you desiring butterfly faux locs after scrolling through social media? You’ll look good! Short and longer styles mesh well with your facial structure, so you can also swap out the short look for waist-length braids or locs. 

For a rectangular face

In order to soften the appearance of your sharp jaw, choose an up-do that will emphasize your facial features or a long style with a voluminous factor, such as beach waves or body curls. This shape is similar to a square face with additional width.

For a diamond-shaped face  

Volume, texture and color! A bold hairstyle that takes up space is exactly what you’re looking for. To bring balance to your cheekbones and soften your accentuated features, a voluminous curly bob with bangs or lengthy look with a side part are calling your name.

For a square face

Have you wanted to do curtain bangs for the fall? If you’ve got a square-shaped face, it’s the secret style that’s been meant for you. A side part or side-swept bangs will draw less attention to your jawline and direct all eyes to your wide cheekbones. 

For a rounder face

Round faces are complemented by longer styles, so you can’t go wrong with full bangs, braids or locs. A shorter style may elongate your face, so if you’re planning to stick with a shorter look, keep the length near your ear.

Regardless of your face shape, choose a style that makes you feel attractive and comfortable. These guidelines are just suggestions that provide a flattering option to highlight your afrocentric features. Whether you're rocking your 'fro, a protective style like knotless braids or styling a silk press, you're going to look good, sis.