Thanksgiving came through my house this year and completely demolished my fitness regimen. Let’s be real, the holiday eating starts at Thanksgiving and continues through the New Year. All of the stuffing, pumpkin pie and spiked eggnog has my stomach on full bloat effect and it’s not even Christmas. But don’t fret, here are some good morning tips to help you deflate that stomach!

  1. Drink hot water when you wake up

Add lemon or green tea to get that digestive track moving. This will clear your system    of yesterday’s food and make room for more today!

Have a seat while you eat breakfast

Use the time to check email or read the news, but please, sit down. Eating or drinking on the go forces you to swallow air, which in turn produces gas. Chew your food at rest and allow it to travel through your body before you start your day.

  1. Avoid dairy in the morning

    The cream cheese and yogurt is more likely to plug you up before the day even begins. Fresh fruits, veggies, whole-grain oats, vegan smoothies and/or eggs are good alternatives. These are healthy energy foods that come without the gas and discomfort.

  2. Early morning detoxes

    These are sure to awaken your body. Whether that includes yoga, a run or a deep stretching routine, a good sweat is said to rid your body of toxins and facilitate digestion. Try an abdominal routine or jump roping.

  3. Peppermint oil is your friend

    I’m a biased advocate of all things peppermint oil. It has been shown to reduce bloating in IBS patients, alleviate cramps related to your monthly cycle and it smells pretty damn good. For the win.

  4. Fart

    Yep, just let 'em rip. Set some time aside in your morning routine to simply pass gas. It's gonna happen eventually and holding it in will only make you feel even more uncomfortable. So just let go, and let flow.