If you're new to the natural hair lifestyle, it's vital to learn about the role that porosity plays in your hair's overall health.  Porosity is defined as your hair's ability to absorb moisture. One good way to test your hair's porosity is to put a strand of your hair in a glass of water.   If your hair strand stays at the top of the water glass, then you have low porosity hair.  If the hair strand is in the middle of the glass, then you have normal porosity hair.  If the strand sinks to the bottom of the glass, then you have high porosity hair. Here is additional information on high and low porosity hair.  

Characteristics of Low Porosity Hair

With low porosity hair, hair products such as gels, creams, and certain types of greases would sit on your hair instead of absorbing into it and getting the moisture it needs.  Washing and drying your hair might also take longer because your hair has low porosity, so it would be wise to look for shampoos and conditioners that are tailored for this type of hair. Look specifically for shampoos and conditioners that don't leave a heavy residue on your hair.  Some good ones to consider are Kinky Curly Come Clean Moisturizing Shampoo, Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo, and DevaCurl One Condition Original. Getting a deep conditioner treatment is also helpful for low porosity hair.

Characteristics of High Porosity Hair

If you have high porosity hair, these are characteristics of it that you should be aware of.  Your hair might look or feel dry and it is prone to breakage.  This kind of hair tangles quickly so you need to make detangling a part of your wash and styling routine on a regular basis.  However, the good news is that it absorbs hair products without much hassle.  If you struggle a lot with frizz, it could be because your hair is high porosity.  Moisturization is vital in keeping high porosity hair healthy.  Protein treatments are excellent in keeping your hair strands strong, and you can apply hair butters to seal in the moisture.

In conclusion, when you care for your high or low porosity hair properly, you'll experience strong hair growth for years to come.