A big part of becoming an adult and fully owning yourself is learning how to let go of the things that aren't important. Often this is especially hard for many of us who feel the need to be in control and in charge of every aspect of our lives. However, often the biggest thing age teaches us is that sometimes there’s just no way for us to have a say in everything that happens to us, and that holding on is just holding us back. It’s time for you to move forward with your life, and only carry with you what will bring you forward.

  • Have concrete goals in mind

It’s so much easier to accomplish any task with a concrete goal in mind. If you’re mindlessly wandering through life, it can be really easy to focus on all the small things that really don’t matter to you at the end of the day. Once you establish what you want out of life in the realms of your personal and professional worlds, it can be that much easier to let go.

  • Keep things in perspective

In your everyday life, make sure you take a moment to think about whether the thing that you’re stressing about is really important to you. Go back to what your goals are, and think about whether what you’re focusing on is really something that matters to you or not. 

  • Focus on what’s ahead

Thinking about what’s ahead will help you focus less on what’s behind you. If you spend your time constantly thinking about how badly your last meeting went and all the times you did or didn’t speak up enough, you won’t leave any brain space to think about how to plan properly to set yourself up for success. 

  • Streamline the things you don’t care about

If you could care less about having a unique outfit to wear everyday, try a capsule wardrobe or uniform dressing. If you don’t want to worry about doing your makeup everyday, consider getting your lashes tinted or eyebrows microbladed. If you hate having to going to the grocery store every week, consider a meal-delivery service. After all, you only have so much brain-space to spend making decisions. Try to focus on what’s most important to you.

  • Forgive, but don’t forget

Often the biggest part of moving on is to forgive. This can mean forgiving those around you for slights they might have made toward you, or forgiving yourself for not living up to certain expectations. By forgiving yourself or others and allowing there to be closure regarding certain things, you begin to build a path forward. However, as you move forward on that path always keep in mind that which was forgiven so that you don’t make past mistakes over again.