There are few things as freeing as putting in your headphones and getting in a great sweat — no matter what time of day it is or what kind of mood you're in. Music can help push you through your hardest sprints and lift your personal best. It can also assist the endorphins released from working out in lifting your mood and keeping you inspired. If your playlist is good enough, it can even be motivation to throw your sneakers on and get out the door! Here are some tips as to how to best create your favorite workout playlist ever.

Do some exploration

Part of the fun in creating a workout playlist is discovering old favorites and finding new staples. Check out your favorite artists' Spotify playlists, dig into your old iPod and crowd-source some tracks from friends. You’ll be surprised by how much new great music is playing on Top 40 radio today!

Cater to your workout and mood

Sometimes all you want to do is blast some loud, angry music and forget about the whole world during a weightlifting session. Other days you might be in the mood for a soulful jog around your neighborhood at sunset. Then there are the times you want to just blast your favorite dance music and prance around your room like nobody's watching. Whatever it is, make sure your playlist is tailored to what you’re looking for. This might mean that you have multiple workout playlists prepared at any time.

Add in some classics

The idea of “classics” might mean something different to everyone. To some it could be ZZ Top, for others, it might be Run DMC. For all of us, Kelis qualifies as a bona fide classic. Throw in everything from your favorites from when you were dancing away on the middle school dance floor to the oldies your parents always played on long road trips. It’ll help make you happy and keep you going no matter how high the hills get and how deep the burn kills.

Think about timing

Some of us love to just throw caution to the wind and listen to our entire library on shuffle during a long run or a gym session, but for others, the thought of constantly having to fast forward might be absolutely exhausting. For those of us who prefer a more curated experience, be sure to keep timing in mind when ordering songs. Be sure to end on a chill note for warm down and stick your favorite pump-up song right before the end for one last boost.

Keep things fresh

Once you’ve created your favorite workout playlist, be sure you don’t wear it out. Even if it’s just adding in one new song a month, you need to keep things interesting so that your playlist doesn’t get stale. This might even mean switching from your usual music and try listening to a podcast or audiobook during your workout so that your playlist stays motivational.