School got you stressed? Your roommate draining your energy? It sounds you like you need a getaway. Here are some key components to planning your lil' vacay. Listen up. Take notes. Count them coins.

1) Find an affordable place you can get to. 

First, look at how many miles away your destination is. Is there a bus that will take you there? A train? Plane? Can you drive there? What's the cheapest out of all those options? If getting there alone is #teamtoomuch you might wanna reconsider your destination.

2) Find a place to stay.

This might be the hardest part, simply because there are a lot of factors. If you're under 21, some hotel policies may not allow you to make a reservation. Airbnb places tend to be cheaper but there might be fees that jack the total price up. DO. YOUR. RESEARCH.

Use multiple websites such as Expedia, Hotwire or go straight to the actual hotel's website to make your booking. Scour those Airbnb listings and contact a couple of places before making your decision. Also, don't sleep on Groupon! They have great deals on hotels that usually offer all-inclusive packages such as free continental breakfast, Wi-Fi and maybe even hotel credits that can go towards the spa.

3) Look for things to do in the area. 

By "in the area," I mean either walking distance or a short Uber ride away. Look for museums, cool cultural events, tourist sites and cheap local eateries. This is the fun stuff. Come up with a list of places and include the distance from the hotel. Once you share it with your travel companions, take a vote on where everyone wants to go.

4) Plan out your departure day at least two days before. 

I suggest two days, because the day before you'll most likely be doing too much running around to think about your departure the next day. Get everyone together and discuss meeting spots, what times to set alarms, a possible wake-up call and food options. These little things can become big things if they are not discussed beforehand.


The only thing worse than regular drama is drama while on a trip. You can't live your best life when people want to go back and forth with you. So be sure to make it fun and drama free. 

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