Hard water can be extremely harsh on the scalp, causing breakage and ruining the texture of the hair. Here are ways to tackle the issue.

Effects Of Hard Water

Hard water can cause extreme damage to natural hair, and over time, it can lead to severe side effects, including hair loss. Hard water is water that is excessively infused with calcium and magnesium and often leaves a film on surfaces that it comes in contact with. If you’ve ever washed an item and noticed a white film on them afterward, this is the side effect of hard water. There can be consequences when natural hair is exposed to hard water over an extended period. Here is how to fix the issue.

Use The Malibu Hard Water Kit

The hard water kit is an effective tool that can help to get rid of build up in the hair. The treatment is more effective than clarifying shampoo and it’s gel-like consistency immediately helps to alleviate any blockage that is causing the hair not to grow. If you go this route, a seasoned hair stylist might be able to work with you to get the treatment.

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Photo Credit: Julie Aagaard

Use Citric Acid

A citric acid rinse is a powerful tool that can help you to restore the texture and health of your hair after hard water damage. Majority of homes have hard water, so it is important to know the right supplements that can revive the hair. If used in moderation, citric acid can help to soften  and smoothen the hair after it has become dried out. To go this route, before you shampoo your hair with clarifying shampoo, add 1/8th cup of lemon juice to a cup of lukewarm water. After a few minutes, rinse out the concoction from your hair and proceed with the rest of your wash routine.

Hair Masks And Oils

One of the ways to nourish the hair after hard water has stripped it of its natural oils is to use leave-in oils and hair masks. There is no shortage of hair oils and masks that can renew the hair. Oils like Jamaican Castor Oil and Avocado Oil  are highly effective and can go a long way in nourishing and growing the hair back to its original form. Hair masks are equally important, and a good suggestion is the Keratin Hair Mask.