When Marsha Jean-Louis, president of True Glory Brands, speaks about the company, it's clear she has a passion for both the brand, and what it promises to Black women who use it. 

"At the core of this company is a man who, literally, started this in the back of his car," she told 21Ninety exclusively. "And today, it's a company that's worth millions of dollars, and does unbelievable amounts of sales. But that's because they're able to deliver what no one else could: quality products at affordable prices."

The official tagline of True Glory Brands (TGB) is simple: it's a privately-held holding company that owns and operates a portfolio of businesses in the multi-cultural beauty industry. But the reality of the products goes much deeper: they're sold and distributed in North America and even in parts of Europe. And that's because no matter the incarnation of the brand, they have a singular mission: to give the people what they want. No matter what else may change in the hair industry, Jean-Louis says that their mission remains the same.

"We’re driven by a radical ambition to deliver exceptional value, quality, and service to our customers in a manner that is singularly defining in our industry," she said. "Above all else, we are guided by a belief that our customers deserve excellence and we strive to deliver just that."

At the time it was first founded, said Jean-Louis, Black women didn't have access to high-quality hair...and those that did, unfortunately, had to pay exorbitant prices for the privilege. But Jean-Louis — whose background in economics gave her a unique position in the company, and she worked her way up thanks to both her commitment to the brand's success and her raw and well-trained skillset — said that the power of the brand was self-evident. 

"One of the things the brand was able to offer — a concept that, at the time, was revolutionary — was a product that addressed the issues brought on by traction alopecia," she explained, which is a common occurrence for those who use hair products (such as wigs and sew-ins) that "pull" on hair follicles repeatedly. (It can also be caused by using excessively harsh chemicals that burn the scalp and follicles.) "From there, we just kept growing."

For Jean-Louis, the future of True Glory Brands — and its ability to remain relevant in the market, regardless of the hair trends — lies in its consistency. As one of the largest, most recognized virgin hair extensions brand in the Black market, True Glory Brands is viewed by consumers as the market leader in providing the highest quality virgin hair at the lowest cost.

"The brand's name speaks for itself," she said. "And we plan to continue to grow with, and for, our consumers."

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