I’ve always enjoyed working out, and one of my favorite ways to do so is to take group classes. I’m motivated by the other people working out around me. They keep me focused, and I love knowing that I’m going to get a good workout in. I usually go to spin or pilates, but while I was home for the holidays, my mom convinced me to go to a hot yoga class with her. I’ve attended hot yoga classes before, but it’s probably been more than a year since the last time I’ve rolled out my mat.

The concept of hot yoga is pretty simple; normal yoga, except it’s hot (duh). My favorite thing about yoga is that it’s not only relaxing and a good workout, but the routine allows you to center yourself. Yoga classes are about growing, pushing yourself, and focusing on your individual practice. They're less about the calories burned.

When we entered the room, it was dark and the heat was turned on. Before class started, the sound of waves played over the speakers. People use this time to stretch or meditate. and this is the time during which you set your intention for your practice. 

When the instructor entered the room, the music changed to relaxing, indie music. We began our practice with a breathing exercise and started with some basic poses. As we continued through the class, I was sweating, and I mean SWEATING. Like at the end of the class it looked like I had just taken a shower sweating. Although it was disgusting, I felt like I had gotten a better workout in, and I had simultaneously expelled all the toxins from my body. 

At the end of the class, you lie on your mat to recenter yourself, and the class ends with a breathing exercise. I left the class not only feeling relaxed and calm, but I knew I had gotten a good workout in. The heat of the room allows you to go further in your practice than a regular yoga class. The heat loosens your muscles and allows for a deeper stretch. If you’re looking for a way to switch up your routine and want a good way to de-stress, try out a class at your local studio. I would highly suggest incorporating yoga into your workout routine at least once a week!