With some viral singles and an MTV award under her belt, Ice Spice has quickly become Hollywood’s rap princess. From her signature curls to her catchy adlibs, there’s no other artist quite like her, and that’s why we love her.

Although Ice Spice has been romantically linked to a wide array of big names, the career-driven Capricorn has remained focused on the bag and maintains as much of her love life as a celebrity, as private as possible. So exactly who is Ice Spice’s boyfriend, and how has she managed to keep him out of the spotlight

Who Is Ice Spice?

Born in the Bronx on January 1, 2000, Ice Spice broke in the new millennium and rose to massive fame in what feels like overnight. As the eldest sister of four siblings, she’s built herself up from humble beginnings, citing Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj as the musical influences that sparked her interest in pursuing the art.

Embarking on her musical career in 2021 after meeting record producer RiotUSA, she’s one of the very few artists to be invited to the Met Gala within their first year of fame. The release of her debut EP Like..? earned her praise from many music industry vets, which speaks to the allure of Ice Spice’s charm.  

Who Is Ice Spice’s Munch?

In an October 2023 interview with the Los Angeles Times, Ice Spice confirmed that she’s “currently dating someone,” though she declined to reveal the identity of her mystery boo, wanting fans to “keep their focus on what I’m here for, which is music.”

That focus has certainly paid off, as she closes out one of the biggest years of her career thus far. Her collaboration with Taylor Swift earned her unwavering support from a brand new fan base, as well as her singles with PinkPantheress and Nicki Minaj making her the first artist to garner four Hot 100 top-10 singles in 2023. But what’s a massive empire with no one to share it with?

She’s Been Linked With Big Names

When it comes to the identity of Ice Spice’s current mystery man, there are some names we can cross off the suspect list, though she’s been linked to quite a few fellow stars. NLE Choppa recently revealed that he had been texting the Bronx songstress, though his romantic advancements were ultimately met with a changed number. 

She was also spotted partying with superstar Drake in his hometown of Toronto after he slid into her DMs in August 2022. Though they had a few spotted outings, he eventually unfollowed her on Instagram, which could indicate any potential fling has gone sour.

Dating rumors also sparked when rapper Lil Tjay gifted her a rose gold Richard Millie RM-05 watch for Valentine’s Day, usually retailing for tens of thousands of dollars. While their romance was never confirmed nor denied, her relationship with Caleb McLaughlin seemed to be more official, as the duo attended an event together in late 2022. 

Rumors Are Swirling It’s Kid Cid

Technically, neither Ice Spice or Youtube sensation Kid Cid have officially acknowledged that the two are coupled up. But internet sleuths put two and two together after the digital creator shared several photos in a since-deleted post with the New York rapper on his Instagram account on January 14, 2024. It wasn’t just that he posted pics of the two together, but that they looked pretty chummy — with one even revealing his hand on her hip while they chatted with each other, and another showing them in an embrace.

Further fueling the fire is the fact that both Ice Spice and Kid Cid are close in age. He’s slightly younger than her at just 23 (compared to her 24 years). Still, fans can only continue to speculate as the young MC is wisely choosing to keep her love life under wraps. Whoever is capturing her heart, we wish them nothing but the best.