What started off as an act of maintenance has transformed into not only self-care, but artistic expression. In general, getting a manicure has long been an opportunity to maintain the health of the nail while also taking a moment to relax. The french manicure, in particular, became a go-to for women who were going into the office, attending special events or just wanting to keep it classically simple.

Now, with invisible french manicures changing it up through color and style, the negative space at the tip of the nail is the only determining factor. However, you choose to do it, almond, square, nude or neon, here’s how to put your own spin on the invisible french manicure. 

What Is The French Manicure?


Though french in name, this style of manicure does not have origins in France. The french manicure was created in 1975 by the president and CEO of Orly International. This style of manicure came out of Hollywood directors complaining about how long it would take for nail technicians to change the nail colors of actresses between wardrobe changes. The directors requested a look that would match with every outfit.

Adding white to the tip of the nail helped the nail artist to create a neutral look that felt classy and sophisticated. From there, seeing stars on the big screen with this style of manicure inspired a wave of french manicures amongst everyday women who were attending special events. The invisible french manicure puts a spin on the style, centering around negative space, but ultimately allowing the wearer to get creative. 

What Is The Invisible French Manicure?

Characterized by fine lines and negative space, the invisible french manicure is your traditional french manicure just without the filled in strip of paint along the tip of the nail. Instead, the strip of paint has a negative space that’s highlighted by fine lines. The invisible french manicure is not limited to any particular shape, as those with almond, square, round and claw shapes can achieve the look.

While the traditional french manicure is typically achieved through a nude base and a white strip of pain along the tip of the nail, the invisible french manicures of today play with color, texture and depth. The fine lines can be different in color and.or of the same color family. They can be spaced with glitter or metallic outlines. As long as that negative space is visible, you’ve got yourself an invisible french manicure.

How To Achieve The Invisible French Manicure 

If you desire to achieve the look on your own, you’ll need to stock up on some supplies. First, you’ll need to choose your preferred color or set of colors. Then, you’ll need a thin brush for drawing the fine lines that create the negative space. At the end of getting the look you want, you’ll need to add a layer of clear polish to lock in the style. For the in-between steps, you’ll need polish remover in case the thickness and curve of your lines don’t match your vision. No need to fret if it ends up crossing the corners of your nail. The minimalist nature of the style is the objective and makes it that much easier to edit. This also means that you can switch it up as often as you’d like.

Even if you decide to skip the diy, you can show some of your fave styles to your nail tech and be out of the salon before you know it depending on how complex you get with the design. What’s most important is to have fun with it and rock your own personal style!