The invisible red string theory points towards the involuntary nature of many connections that, for this reason, qualify as “meant to be.” It says that decision-making only goes so far as the connections themselves are predestined according to our “red strings.” These strings that we share with our significant others, since our inception and possibly prior, don’t just exist in our romantic connections– the red strings exist in platonic connections as well.

For years, you could’ve both lived in the same place, crossing one another’s paths, in the background of each other’s photos and never noticing until it was appropriate. It’s only after you’ve met and fostered the connection that you realize you’d been linked all along. Similar to Western ideas of a soulmate, here is the explanation and origin behind the invisible red string theory. 

What Is The Invisible Red String Theory?

Also known as the “Red Thread of Fate,” the invisible red string theory has origins in Chinese folklore. It’s a proverb, and now a theory, that suggests two people who are destined to meet and/or be together are connected by an invisible red string. The destiny element of the connection is not impacted by time, place or situation. It does mean, however, that the invisible string can stretch and tangle, according to distance and other connections, but it will never break.

It is because this string exists between the two that no matter what they will eventually come together. This invisible string can be compared to Western ideas that two lovers or friends who are destined to meet are soulmates. The question can be begged though: is it more likely that you wouldn’t meet your soulmate versus someone with whom you share a string? 

How Does The Invisible Red String Theory Manifest In Our Lives?

Modern takes say that the invisible red string theory can be applied to lovers and friends. It says that red strings have existed between us and the people closest to us for all time. We can probably recall a funny story about a loved one where we met them after living in the same neighborhood for years or we run into a friend at a new job that we met the week before at a party. It is our destiny to cross paths with certain people, and while we may not stay in each other’s lives, we’ll always be connected. This may not be the best situation for relationships we’ve grown out of or endings that we’ve learned to overcome. Still, it doesn’t take away from those connections being a part of our destiny. 

How We See The Invisible Red String Theory Today

Relationship theories and trends are constantly circulating on TikTok, buzzing with new takes and interpretations. New takes have spun the invisible red string theory to say that if you tie a piece or red string to yourself, it will fall off once you’ve met the love of your life. In any case, there’s a bit of fate and destiny tied to these meetings and connections. The ancient meaning of the theory also highlights the idea that the loves of our lives, our best friends and/or those we’re destined to meet share certain hobbies in common or else the paths wouldn’t be crossed so many times before meeting. Sharing these hobbies and interests in common are not always determining factors in the success of long lasting connections, but they can play a role.

In any case, as much as destiny can be written for us, we also have agency in our decisions, when, how and with whom we share our love. Wishing you all an invisible red string theory, fateful love in your lifetime!