Cheating in a relationship typically leads to the end of a relationship.

The act breaks the trust between two people, and it is hard to rebuild a solid foundation. While many people believe that there is nothing anyone can do to come back from cheating, others have opposing views.

Recently, former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Nene Leakes sparked a heated debate about cheating. On an Instagram Live session with Carlos King, Leakes asserted that she would be okay with her partner “respectfully” cheating.

Leakes’ controversial stance on infidelity lead many to debate the validity of her viewpoint.

According to Leakes, disrespectful cheating involves lying to the other person involved and failing to establish clear boundaries. She emphasized the need for the “side chick” to maintain at a distance and refrain from approaching her in public. The TV personality also suggested that the other woman should refrain from posting any clues or photos that could lead back to the man on social media.

The Reality of Modern Relationships

While some may find Leakes’ perspective on cheating unconventional, it raises an interesting point about the complexities of modern relationships. Monogamy is considered the norm. However, comments like these challenge the general understanding of fidelity and loyalty in romantic partnerships.

Some have criticized Leakes’ comments and accused her of being a hypocrite, pointing to her own past relationship drama of infidelity between her and her late ex-husband, Gregg Leakes.

The question of whether it is possible to “cheat with respect” is a subjective one that ultimately depends on individual values and beliefs. While some may argue that any form of infidelity is unacceptable, others see it differently. Ultimately, it is important to have open and honest communication in relationships, and a mutual understanding of boundaries and expectations.