It is incredibly frustrating when a man’s actions don’t match his words. It gives off the vibe that he’s not into you. No, I don’t mean, “If he liked me, he would buy me a new car,” it goes deeper than that. And we all know the saying, “If a man wanted to, then he would?” 

Credit: @kileroux/TikTok

But is the saying true? Or is there a little more to his lack of effort? 

Absolutely! It’s a saying I hold fast to, and it applies to more than just romance. Coined as the “tough love” friend who’s softened the blow over the years, we all know when someone isn’t that into us despite their lackluster efforts. Therefore, seeing friends sad about why the man they’re dating does the bare minimum is upsetting. Furthermore, I understand that sometimes, we get caught up in like or love and can’t see past those blinders. However, we also have to be honest with ourselves. 

So, if you’re dating someone whose actions don’t match what they are saying, here are five ways to tell if he’s really into you.

Ways to Tell if A Man Is Into You

These green flags are the things you should look for when dating someone. 

  1. Initiates Communication: A man who likes you will proactively reach out, initiate conversations, and express genuine interest in getting to know you better.
  2. Makes Time for You: If a man is interested, he’ll prioritize spending time with you, making an effort to be present and available despite his busy schedule.
  3. Shows Affection: Physical affection, like hugs or subtle touches, is a common indicator of interest. A man who likes you will display these gestures naturally.
  4. Listens and Remembers: Demonstrating genuine interest, he’ll actively listen to what you say and remember details, reflecting a sincere investment in your conversations.
  5. Offers Support: When a man likes you, he’ll be there for you during challenging times, offering support and showing a willingness to help in any way he can.

Relationships Are A Matched Effort

Understandably, everything isn’t as “Black and white” when it comes to dating, but these five things are non-negotiable. In addition, the same way a man is expected to make an effort, so are you. 

Although I consider myself a “modern traditionalist,” I am a firm believer that you should never ask someone for something you cannot provide yourself. For instance, I make time for my man the same way I expect him to support and make time for me. 

With that being said, ladies, go where you are wanted and appreciated. If a man falls short in the department of your happiness, then move on. A man who is genuinely into you will never have you question if he actually likes you.