I don’t really know what it is, but there has absolutely been a change in the way the adults used to adult when we were kids in comparison to how we adult now. Millennials and Gen-Z don’t take anything from anyone and that includes our employers!

Where Does It Stem From?

We grew up watching the Baby Boomer generation work their asses off just to be able to “live the American dream.” They did all that they could to support their families and hopefully retire at the age of 62, after their lives are typically past half way over. Slaving ourselves in order to fulfill someone else’s dream just isn’t desirable for us. Not to mention, there are reports that social security benefits may run out by 2035, so what’s really keeping us here anyway?

How The Pandemic Played A Part

COVID-19 played a large part in the way we viewed employment. Many of us were put in positions to figure out what exactly we wanted in this lifetime. We were forced to slow down, sit down and think. In that time we saw how companies treated employees who were going through hardships, if they cared about employee mental health and also how they responded to social injustices. All are things that our generations take very seriously.

According to Bankrate’s August jobseeker survey, last year 77% of Gen-Z and 63% of Millennial workers were hunting for new jobs as opposed to 33% of Baby Boomers. So began what is called “The Great Resignation,” which is the historic number of employees quitting their jobs in a span of a few months. This movement was driving by a number of reasons: desire for higher wage, hybrid flexibility and above all else feeling respected by their employer.

The Cards Are In Our Hands Now

Employers, listen up! We are no longer accepting bare minimum anymore. We will not be worked into the ground to fulfill someone else’s dream. We want better pay, better benefits and to be treated as actual humans! One of my favorite Tiktokers DeAndre Brown has a series of videos dedicated to how Gen-Z and Millennials approach jobs in this day and age. Check out a few below!

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