Singer Jazmine Sullivan revealed to fans on social media that her mother, Pam Sullivan, has died after a battle with breast cancer.

“I don’t have the words yet mommy. So for now I’ll say thank you thank you thank you. Rest now butterfly,” Sullivan wrote.

Sullivan has been open about her mother’s journey with breast cancer and how her mother inspired her.

“My mother is my biggest influencer – she’s actually here today,” she told Hello Beautiful during a red carpet interview. “She is battling breast cancer for the second time, and I am really happy to have her be here. She has encouraged me and influenced me since I was born. So, I am so happy to she is here.”

Pam and Jazmine Sullivan Grew Closer After Diagnosis

The Grammy Award-winning singer shared that her mother was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2019 during a “PEOPLE Every Day” podcast interview last year. She commented how hew mother’s cancer battle positively changed their relationship.

“We’ve definitely gotten closer,” Sullivan revealed. “Obviously, you appreciate people more if you even think that you could lose them, but I’ve been able to reciprocate the love and support that she’s given me all my life back to her. And I’m so fulfilled doing that.”

The “Pick Up Your Feelings” singer added that small things that may have irritated her slightly like hearing her mom’s advice, have changed to things she gladly accepts.

“Now I want to hear it. I want to be with her as much as possible. I’m setting up a room in my house for her to come and stay over, making sure she’s comfortable,” Sullivan explained.

Sullivan also admitted that her mother’s disease motivated her to prioritize her own health, including scheduling a mammogram.

“It’s scary to have gone through this with your parent and to know that you’re more at risk, but what I have learned is that information is key and knowing earlier can do so much more good than harm,” she said.