Securing employment continues to be an uphill climb for many. Job seekers who successfully do so are making it a point to celebrate their achievements.

Despite the low unemployment rate, layoff announcements are steadily rising. Those in the market for a new job find the process of seeking employment frustrating for a variety of reasons. One such practice that has made the job hunt a hassle is a “ghost job.” Ghost jobs are when a company posts a position open for hire that turns out to be non-existent or already filled. Glassdoor, a job and recruiting site, found that prospective employers ghosting applicants more than doubled before the pandemic.

Additionally, the extensive interviewing process makes job seekers feel as if they are jumping through hoops. After enduring several rounds of interviewing, extensive assessment tests and other requirements, getting a rejection letter can feel especially crushing. The process is leaving many potential candidates feeling hopeless.

Although there have been endless unsuccessful stories, the ones where people share they landed a role do exist. As people announce their new career positions, they also share how they plan to celebrate the accomplishment. Some new hires have started throwing themselves job reveal parties to commemorate their achievement.

Job reveal parties are similar to gender reveal parties. Instead of sharing the gender of a baby, people open up about the new role they accepted. 

One LinkedIn user posted she would be throwing herself a reveal party after persevering through a rigorous job hunt. Jazzmine White, a software engineer, revealed she submitted 2,513 applications following her layoff. She then provided a snapshot of the tedious practices she experienced while searching for a new position. Thirteen rounds and four offers later, she committed to a company and wrote she plans to reveal during a celebration.

“I’m throwing a “Job Reveal Party” – like a gender reveal but for my new employer,” White captioned her LinkedIn post. “Expect a full-blown photoshoot, themed games, and enough food to feed a small army. Surviving the craziest job market calls for a celebration of epic proportions! Stay tuned for the big reveal!”

Across social media, job reveal parties have taken different forms. Most videos show people celebrating with a cake; others appear to have a full-blown event with games and guests. Whether people do something simple or go all out, acknowledging their achievements in this tough job market remains as a key factor.


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