Kamoinge has been known for their New York-based, African-American photographers who "participate in exhibits, operate a gallery, and publish their works. Individually, the members teach, conduct seminars, and work in commercial photography, motion pictures and video," according to Kamoinge’s website. 

Most recently, Kamoinge released a new exhibit, Black Women: Power and Grace, which was on display at the National Arts Club in New York from May 28th to June 30th. 

"With this exhibition we are showing our love and appreciation to our mothers, wives and sisters," said Russell Frederick, a co-organizer of the exhibition and Kamoinge’s vice president to The New York Times. He continued, "I think black women, who have mostly been objectified in the media, have actually made a major mark on society that really can’t be quantified but has gone unrecognized."

The exhibit included portraits by Mr. Russel which examine and challenge traditional notions of beauty. The Kamoinge collective has also recruited some black female photographers such as Delphine Diallo, the French-Senegalese portraitist, and Ming Smith, the first black woman photographer to have her work in the Museum of Modern Art. 

The expansion of Kamoinge has made for a mix of both historic and contemporary works of art whose genres span from fine art to fashion. The work also represents black femininity through images such as Ruddy Roye’s "#MeToo No. 2" and Lola Flash’s "DJ Kinky."

"We really embrace today’s black woman, who she is and even those who came before her like Maya Angelou, Maxine Waters and Dionne Warwick, who are all holding hands in Eli Reed’s picture," said Mr. Frederick to The New York Times. "Black women have broken barriers, been torch bearers and pioneers and at the same time, they have always looked out for all of us in the neighborhood, taking us to church, making Sunday dinner and always having our back."

Check out some more of the beautiful work that was featured in the exhibit below:

Photo: Jules Allen  

"One for Roy." New York, 2016

Photo: Lola Flash

"DJ Kinky." London, 2002.

Photo: Delphine Diallo

"Women of New York." 2017

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