A week ago, “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star, Kandi Burruss posted a video on her social media leaving her trailer at the “Lovers and Friends” tour wearing a sexy black and camouflage outfit with leather thigh high boots. She may have posted the video to show off her good looks, but she may not have known the social media phenomenon she was about to create.

The Xscape member used a clip from her song “Legs, Hips, Body” in the background of the video and Tiktok users took it and ran with it.

TikTok Users Took The Sound And Ran With It

@ayoaustimus the STRENGTH of da black pantha will now me STRIPPED aweigh. #fyp #foryou #katespadenycabana ♬ original sound – kandi

The sound has been used in over 19 thousand videos on the social media platform. Although it’s new to social media, this song is almost a decade old. The track is from a 2014 musical produced by Kandi and her husband, “A Mothers Love.” Porsha Williams, her RHOA co-star also starred in the play.


Even Chloe Bailey Got In On The Fun

We love when celebrities join in on the fun with us regular folks. Chloe Bailey hopped on the trend with a video of her strutting her stuff using the sound as background music.

She even tweeted “Legs and hippppssssnnnn body body is stuck in my head.” She wasn’t the only person on Twitter who shared their thoughts on the song.

The Song Made Its Rounds On Twitter

Users took to the platform to exercise their Twitter fingers by sharing opinions on the track. Many fans praise the song while others… not so much.

Kandi Is Playing Along With Social Media’s Reactions

As for Kandi herself, she’s being an amazing sport. The singer has reposted several videos fans have posted to their accounts. She even created her own parody video!

@kandi They won! 🤣🤣🤣 Power Puff Girls remix #legshipsandbody ♬ original sound – kandi

Song Of The Summer Potential

Although social media is using the song for satire purposes, this could very well be the song of the summer. Remember when TikTok and Twitter used “Live Your Best Life” by Joseline Hernandez for meme purposes? It ran social media for months and is now a “birthday song” to celebrate your big day! She gained so much traction, she ended up recording a music video for the single a year after it was released.

We can’t wait to see how far “Legs, Hips, Body” will go!

Kandi Burruss