If you love bath bombs and all scents of shower gels and moisturizers, chances are you've heard of (or shopped at) Lush. The company has a wide array of great-smelling products that look quirky, feel good and nourish your skin without harsh chemicals and bad-for-the-environment ingredients. But the brand's newest initiative is specific to helping our oceans thrive — and we're loving it.

According to Lush, more than 8 million tons of plastic can be found in our ocean annually. Because of this, more than a million seabirds and marine mammals die. But thanks to their newly formed partnership with Ocean Legacy Foundation, 27 tons of plastic will be saved from the ocean and recycled.

After the plastic is collected from the ocean and shoreline near Lush's Vancouver headquarters in British Columbia, it will be converted into plastic pellets by Urban Resource Group. Those pellets will be combined with other post-consumer waste to form the recognizably chic 100 percent recycled black tubs and plastic bottles that hold everyone's favorite Lush products.

You can support the cause simply by buying a few body washes. That's what we call a win-win.