Keke Palmer is opening up about the journey her body has gone through from pregnancy and her postpartum experience. In an Instagram video the actress posted to her account, she shared a post-workout conversation between herself and her trainer, Corey Calliet.

Keke Palmer On Her Journey

In the caption of the post, Palmer detailed the ups and downs she has had with her body even before the pregnancy.

“I gained over 40 lbs during my pregnancy. I was over happy OKAY and I don’t regret it,” she said.  “Before my son I was very weight conscious and even still I was considered somewhat ‘fit’, however, I didn’t always feel it!”

She added that those feelings would always come and go. Palmer shared that some days she would feel great and others, not so much. But she assured her followers that it was okay to have those feelings.

Although many fans online have praised her “snapback” after having her son, Leodis Andrelton Jackson, she said it was hard for her to come to terms with her new body.

“After my son and the weight I gained, I was afraid because I was ready to be in the house hahaha. My mental changed and I was kind of forgetting about, me, as an individual. This is where your support system counts, because my loved ones created the space for me to remember myself,” Palmer wrote.

She continued to explain that her trainer came into her life at the perfect time. She was set to take on the Met Gala and was not feeling confident. In the clip she posted, she praised Calliet and shared the importance of finding a good trainer that fits you.

“Look for somebody that’s not trying to change you,” she shared. “Look for somebody that’s trying to encourage you to be the best you you can be.”