Lady London has created a path for herself in the music industry. Now, she’s ready to shake it up.

“We have the power to shift the culture because we are the culture,” she said.” You’re never going to be iconic if you blend in with a crowd or don’t go against the norm sometimes. So, I aspire to be an icon, to be a superstar, to be a master of everything I set out to do.”

Lady London’s Flow and Rap Style

If you’ve been an active member on social media since the top of the year, it was virtually impossible to not hear “Shawty lurking on my page better watch me flow. Hit the boomerang and let her watch me slow. Hit the zoom again and let her watch me close,” on almost every other IG reel and Tiktok you scrolled by. The viral audio comes from Lady London’s freestyle resurgence on social media. This sound was her most viral thus far, reaching across the entire world. Users online created a plethora of video content with London’s voice in the background.

The New Jersey doesn’t just stand out because of her rap lyrics. She also consistently paints a picture in each of her flows. Lady London says being a storyteller the basis of what hip-hop.

“Hip-hop dates back all the way to 1973, we’re celebrating the 50th this year,” she explained. “Slick Rick was a huge storyteller. Jay-Z, huge storyteller. A lot of rap is imagery. So being able to paint that scene where you feel like you’re almost living in what I’m describing was always important for me.”

Summer of Elevation

Lady London’s career is rapidly rising. She is now signed to Def Jam and is releasing her upcoming project “S.O.U.L (Signs of Universal Love)” in June, she says this will be the soundtrack of the summer. To accompany the album, she is partnering with Ciroc to offer her fans a new limited-edition flavor, Honey Melon.

“I love Ciroc, I’ve always loved Ciroc,” she shared. “Working with Ciroc and working with Diddy is always a pleasure. First of all, this new flavor? It’s the flavor for me.”

This is just the beginning of what fans will be seeing from Lady London and the anticipation continues to grow to see what ceiling she breaks next.