Seasonal depression can be very real. For many of us, the winter months can lead to a severe dip in our serotonin levels. When this happens, we desperately need to find ways to center our joy and boost our moods. As we all begin to defrost and shake off the cobwebs left behind by long hours of darkness, we can rely on these funny ladies on IG to keep us entertained. Creativity, humor, and real talk abound when Black women are creating feel-good content. 

Elsa Majimbo

I’m sure you’ve seen her videos on everything from arriving late to the creativity needed to live life as a broke person. Elsa is a guaranteed kiki. 

Katie Florence

Because we can all relate to the constant battle between our hearts, our minds, and our lady parts when it comes to making good decisions, Katie’s videos are always relatable and right on time. 

Shay Moore

Shay does a great job of reminding us that some experiences that Black people have are truly universal. She gets it hilariously right every single time. 

Jasmine Luv

Jasmine is definitely always right on time with a funny skit that women everywhere can totally understand. 

Khadi The Don

Khadi is definitely one of those women who keeps it oh, so real!

Let these ladies give you a reason to smile this week.