From vision boarding to manifesting your dream life by being delusional, there’s always a new trend around the corner that promises you all of your desires with a simple shift in mindset. One of those trends is the law of assumption, currently taking social media by storm.

A slightly different approach to the already popularized law of attraction, the law of assumption is based on the notion that your imagination creates your reality; so if you imagine your desires, you can manifest them into your reality. But is it truly as simple as it seems? Let’s take a deep dive.

What Is the Law of Assumption? 

Pioneered by American author and mystic Neville Goddard, the law of assumption is a thinking practice that wills your desires into your reality, simply by belief. It’s essentially the art of being delusional, but with a bit more science to back it up.

Every product or achievement once started as an idea before eventually manifesting into reality. The law of assumption is based on that very principle: what exists in your mind can be brought into physicality, simply by the art of imagining it and assuming it’s on its way to you.

While the law of assumption and the law of attraction are relatively similar, their key differences are notable. The law of attraction believes that being negative can attract more negativity into your life, while the law of assumption only empowers positive thoughts. 

What’s important to note is that we can never spiritually bypass circumstance. Toxic positivity can be just as damaging, and it’d be irresponsible to negate that there isn’t a financial or racial privilege that can propel or delay your manifestations. However, this can still coexist with the truth that your mindset can critically impact your life.

How To Practice the Law of Assumption

Ready to uplevel your life, bestie? Practicing the law of assumption is easier than you think and can generate some pretty immediate results.

Say, for instance, that you’d like to manifest into your life a step up in your career. Perhaps a pay raise or a title with more notoriety. Instead of seeing it as this far-away achievement you have to work for, practice living in the awareness that it’s on its way to you. Visualize yourself signing a new contract in a month, or celebrating with your family over an expensive dinner. Containing that feeling of gratitude and excitement, move through your daily routine with awareness of the fact that your dreams coming true is inevitable and it will begin to materialize right before your eyes.

How would you live in the feeling of knowing your desire is guaranteed? Would you walk with a higher sense of self-worth, worry less about bills, and gift yourself more rest and celebratory treats? If you knew you crossed over into the timeline in which your desire was on its way to you, how would that assumption shift your routine and vibration on a day-to-day basis?

You should, of course, still align your actions with your intentions, but your thoughts play a major role in the manifestation of your desires. The law of assumption claims that by expecting success, success will come to you.

Go After Your Desires

Whether you want to manifest love, health, money, career goals, or a big move, the law of assumption states that the only thing standing in your way is your mindset. If you can see it in your mind’s eye, you can will it into your reality, so assume it to be yours, remain patient and optimistic, and get ready to live the life of your dreams.