Earlier this week, celebrated celebrity stylist Law Roach abruptly announced that he would be retiring from the fashion industry. Understandably, the internet went into a frenzy. The comment section instantly lit up with fashion heavyweights encouraging the iconic stylist not to step away from his career.

The Law Effect

Roach began his fashion career in his hometown of Chicago, IL. It was there where he worked as a boutique buyer. Later on, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a styling career. Over the course of his career, Roach has worked with several high-profile clients, including Zendaya, Celine Dion, Ariana Grande, Anne Hathaway, and Kerry Washington. He is known for his ability to create unique and bold looks that reflect his clients’ personalities and help them stand out on the red carpet. Roach carved out a career for himself using his raw talent, intuition, and consistency. His magic touch has especially solidified Zendaya’s reputation as a fashion-forward icon. In the words of social media she, “never misses.”

Mainstream Recognition

Apart from his undeniable influence on countless red-carpets, Roach has also made a bigger cultural impact on fashion. One way in which he’s done so, is as judge on the reality television show “America’s Next Top Model.” His impact has also been acknowledged and applauded in mainstream media. This impact was so great that In 2015, 2016, and 2017, “The Hollywood Reporter” named Roach as one of the 25 most powerful stylists in Hollywood.

So, What Happened?

While it is unclear what triggered Roach to make a retirement announcement on his Instagram account, social media is still attempting to get to the bottom of the situation. Social media users began to speculate that a now-viral clip of Roach and Zendaya interacting at a fashion show may have been part of what led to the announcement. In the clip you can see Zendaya take a seat in the front row of a fashion show. Roach quickly realizes there are no other seats available on the front row. Zendaya motions for him to take a seat in the second row. It’s a proposal he appears to not be satisfied with.

Despite what little insight that video clip may reveal, there are currently no official details about what exactly led to the retirement announcement. Social media has been awash with speculations and theories about what could have possibly gone down. Several fans also pointed out that Roach and Zendaya could have fallen out. Roach seemingly caught wind of the speculations and took time to clarify that he and Zendaya “are forever.” The statement was a relief to many fans.

In spite of recently walking the Boss Show, questions still remain unanswered about what Roach’s next steps will be.

The Impact

Law Roach has left an indelible mark on the world of fashion. His intrinsic ability to create daring looks for his clientele made him an innovative trendsetter. Additionally, throughout the years, Roach has styled stars without the fear of challenging the traditional fashion status quo. That boldness made him one of the most sought-after stylists. Historically, many Black stylists and fashion designers have had the shorter end of the stick as it relates to opportunities.


In addition to his work as a stylist, Roach also used his platform to advocate for diversity and inclusivity in the fashion industry. In the past, Roach used his voice to push for the representation for marginalized people in the fashion industry. His departure would cause a major absence in an industry that is already difficult to navigate as a person of color. Other fashion creatives like Telfar Clemens, LaQuan Smith, and Brandon Blackwood have created lanes in fashion by tapping into the power they have as minority designers and leveraging it for growth.

Overall, Law Roach’s influence and importance in the fashion and entertainment industry cannot be overstated. His work has helped shape the industry and has inspired countless people around the world. While fashion will, of course, continue to operate after Roach’s retires, the industry as a whole would not be the same. Upcoming fashion creators could benefit from Roach’s strong voice and leadership. His absence may, in fact, be retrogressive, but only time will tell.