Singer and actress LeToya Luckett is saying cheers to new journeys and beginnings! In the midst of a getaway trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Luckett took the time to check in with some of her fans on Instagram Live. During the session, the newly-divorced star opened up about the new chapter in her life and shared her input on what it means to peacefully co-parent with ex-husband, Tommicus Walker, also the father of her two kids, Gianna and Tysun.

“I think as long as people keep the kids first and what’s in the best interest of the children, that’s what’s most important, when you consider them first,” she said during the live. “Sometimes — most of the time, it’s not about us. It’s not about the parents, the things that went wrong. What my therapist told me, what’s important especially when you’re in the co-parenting space is to try not to fix what went wrong in the marriage in the co-parenting space."

She continued saying that as parents you shouldn't focus on fixing the past while living n a new present. Bringing those problems back into the mix will only set you back in your co-parenting progress. “You are in a new relationship, if you will. But focus, if you’re in the co-parenting space, focus on co-parenting. Now if you want to save and reconcile, baby, hey, have at it! Yes, I’m all here for the love. Yes, I am. But if that’s not your focus and if those aren’t your intentions, I would definitely suggest not trying to fix what happened in the past in your co-parenting space. It’s not going to heal. It’s going to cause problems."

She went on to say that "being clear" and "setting clear boundaries" is extremely important when co-parenting. She also gave an update on her martial status, where she confirmed that her divorce from Walker has been finalized. “I am not married, no. I am divorced and I’m ok,” she said. “We’re ok. Everybody’s ok.” She seemed to be in a healthy and happy mindset during the live, and assured a fan that told her to keep smiling that she intends to do just that, no matter what happens.

“I feel as long as God keeps waking me up in the morning, regardless of what happens in my life, regardless of what the world throws at me, as long as I can breathe breath in my body, that first of all I’m going to give all the praise to God but two, I’m going to find my joy,” she said. “I’m going to find it and hold onto it for as long as I possibly can and smile through all of it.”

Back in January, Luckett announced the news of her split via Instagram in a statement that shared her and her husband had chosen to part ways after just three years of marriage and four months after welcoming their son, Tysun Wolf.

"After very prayerful consideration, Tommicus and I have decided to get a divorce," she wrote, sharing a photo of the two and their children. "It is my deepest desire for us to be loving co-parents and keep a peaceful environment out of respect for our children." She ended the note telling fans to "Please understand our need for privacy," adding "Love always 💔" and "Thank you in advance for your prayers, support & space to heal as we tread through this challenging time."

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