‘Tis the season to slay, and what better way to showcase your Black girl magic than with show-stopping lipstick combinations that exude holiday glamour? From rich reds to shimmering metallics, here’s a beautiful list of lipstick pairings to elevate your festive look. Whether you’re celebrating with family and friends or spreading cheer virtually, these combinations enhance the beauty of Black queens during the holiday season.

Lipstick Combinations for the Holidays

Bold Burgundy and Gold Shimmer

Make a statement with a deep burgundy lip that complements all shades of beautiful melanin. Add a touch of gold shimmer or gloss to the center of your lips to create a regal and festive look. This combination is perfect for holiday parties, capturing the essence of sophistication and warmth.

Chocolate Brown and Bronze Glow

Embrace the season’s warmth with a luxurious chocolate brown lip paired with a hint of bronze or copper gloss. This combination enhances the natural beauty of deep skin tones and adds a touch of radiant glow. Wear this look for a cozy family gathering or a romantic holiday dinner.

Plum Power

Unleash your inner royalty with a powerful plum lip. Opt for a deep, rich plum shade and layer it with a touch of gloss for a luscious finish. This combination is versatile and can transition seamlessly from a virtual holiday celebration to a night out on the town with friends.

Copper Queen

Go for a copper lip with a metallic finish for a look that shimmers and shines. The warmth of copper beautifully complements the richness of black skin tones. The color creates a radiant effect. Rock this combination for a virtual holiday happy hour or festive photoshoot with loved ones.

Golden Nude with Bold Liner

Celebrate your glow with a golden nude lip shade and outline your lips with a bold, contrasting liner. Golds, bronzes, or deep plums work beautifully against a nude base, creating a stunning look. This combination is versatile enough for a family gathering or a glamorous virtual holiday photo shoot.