It’s hard not to smile, shake your shoulders and just feel good when a Lizzo song is playing. The singer and songwriter is known for making music that helps chase the blues away. The positivity she pours into the world made her an easy choice as a partner for Dove’s latest initiative. The brand is working to address, what it calls, a mental health crisis caused by social media.

Dove shared a post on Instagram announcing the partnership with Lizzo. In the video clip, Lizzo says she wants to make noise for online safety for young people.

“Everytime I see something online that hurts my feelings, it helps me remember that the online world is not the real world,” Lizzo said in the video clip.

In a statement about the partnership Lizzo elaborated on the issue social engagement is causing for young people.

““Social media is supposed to be a place where people can express themselves and be a source for beauty confidence, not anxiety, that’s why I’m partnering with Dove again and calling on platforms to do more to make social media safe for young people,” Lizzo said in the statement.

Bill Aims To Hold Social Platforms Accountable

According to recent Dove research, eight in 10 mental health specialists who work with youth say social media is fueling a mental health crisis. The research also shows that young people think others their age are addicted to social media. Plus, the study found that seven in 10 young people, between the ages of 10 and 17, have been exposed to social content that promotes weight loss or body transformation.

 “Seeing the negative impact social media is having on youth mental health today is devastating and has to stop. Join us and use your voice to help make change,” Lizzo said.

The performer and Dove hope to see a new bill passed that will help make real change a reality. The Kids’ Online Safety Act (KOSA) aims to safeguard kids’ overall experiences online. It also would limit their exposure to toxic beauty content. Some of the actions in the bill include disabling addictive product features and allowing users to opt-out of algorithmic recommendations. The bill also puts much of the onus on social media platforms. It asks that they prevent content that shows self-harm, eating disorders and substance abuse. The bill would also require platforms to perform yearly independent audits.

KOSA is part of Dove’s larger Self-Esteem project which includes the Campaign for Kids’ Online Safety. The brand says without real change to how social outlets interact with children, young people will continue to “pay to play” at the expense of their innocence.