Lizzo’s dance crew, the Big Grrrls and Big Boiis, have published a letter in support of the singer. She is facing a series of lawsuits and allegations of sexual harassment and creating a toxic work environment. The letter was written by current members of her dance crew. The lawsuit and allegations Lizzo is currently facing have been brought against her by former dancers. In the letter which went public Thursday, the current dance crew shared that they have had an incredible time while on Lizzo’s, Special Tour.

“We have been so honored to share the stage with such amazing talent. This tour experience has been beyond just,” the letter reads.

The letter continues praising the singers commitment.

“The commitment to character and culture taking precedence over every movement and moment has been one of the Greatest lessons and Blessings that we could possibly ask for,” the crew wrote.

They also applauded Lizzo for shattering “limitations and kicking in the door way for the Big Grrrl & Big Boili Dancers to do what we love!”

The letter highlights the fact that Lizzo has created an inclusive platform for them, noting that she has provided opportunities to travel to various parts of the world and overcome various societal hardships. 

“Our collective gifts have authentically powered the type of energy, love and that support can physiologically help heal the world. We are a unit of unicorns, undeniably resilient and SPECIAL AF,” they wrote.

A Tipping Scale

In her own statement, Lizzo called the allegations against her as “unbelievable as they sound and too outrageous.”  The case has captured national attention, with many being for and against the singer at different intervals. The new development in the case threatens to tip that scale yet again with some calling the open letter from her dance crew, a badly orchestrated PR stunt. Since the initial set of ex-dancers came forward with their allegations, the lawyer representing them has also alleged that other former employees are willing to come forward with more complaints against the “Special” singer. NBC reported that attorney Ron Zambrano was vetting the new allegations that came from at least six other people. It is unclear when or if the case will go to trial or will be settled out of court.