There’s still so much we have to learn about Black hair. Whether through the pressures of assimilation or the false assumption of ease in our haircare journeys, many Black girls and women grew up with relaxers. In the early to mid-2000s, natural hair took off. And Black women, with the help of YouTube, learned new ways to care for and style their hair. 

But if you’ve perused the natural hair space during that time, you know that the information about locs has been few and far between. Thankfully, things have changed over time. Still, the information and inspiration for loc styles is still a bit lacking. But here at 21Ninety, we’ve got you covered. Check out these loc styles for women for every loc type. 

Soft Locs

Faux locs have come a long way in the past several years. At one time faux locs were stiff and didn’t mimic the shape and texture of loc’ed hair. But Black stylists are scientists. And they’ve perfected the sauce. Not only are faux locs more authentic in their looks, there are options. One of them is soft locs, a great loc style for women. Unlike other types of faux locs that can be installed through crochet or reattachment, soft locs, according to America’s Beauty Show require a specific installation method with a softer finish. This results in less tension and a lighter weight than traditional faux locs.

A great style for these light locs are a loc petal bun at the top, tendrils on the side and then your hair down in the back. The style is regal, intricate but still casual enough for everyday wear.

Freeform Locs 

Typically, when we see freeform locs, they’re hanging loose and free, either with a middle or swooped to the side. But contrary to what you might believe, freeform locs also offer versatility. Trisime J., known as the freeform baddie, provides plenty of hair inspiration on her page. One style shown on her page is the high side bun. Her thick free form locs are even bent and folded into a unique shape, giving the bun more depth and character.

Traditional Locs 

As your locs get longer, you may be missing some of the shorter styles you were able to wear at the beginning of your journey. The great thing about locs is their versatility. Even with long hair, you can create a short style. This mini bob is a great loc style for women. It’s achieved by braiding your locs and then wrapping the ends with the access hair. After wearing the bob for some time, you can undo the bottom and have an entirely different look.


There’s nothing quite like the look of curls on locs. Not only is it a sustainable loc style, with the texture of locs, the curls just appear more dramatic. If you have some color in the mix, there’s even more dimension. This look will last until you wash it out and can be achieved with plastic hair rollers and some time under the dryer.

Micro Locs 

Micro locs may look very similar to sisterlocks but they are even smaller. A loctician will use a micro hook or yarn needle to install them. And require a shorter re-tightening window than sisterlocks (four to six weeks instead of four to eight). You don’t have to wait for long locs before you can wear these in adorable styles. Micro locs look great in bantu knots. And then you take them down, you have curly locs that can be styled any way you like.

Wick Locs

 Wick locks are the thickest type of locs you can get. They’re so large that most people only have a few on their head, between four and ten. They get their name from candle wicks, which stand up straight. But when your hair grows past a certain length, wicks will hang as well. The style, popularized in Florida, can be achieved through combining locs with a crochet needle. There are three other ways to get the look, including extensions, the rubber band method and the freeform method. 

The thickness makes them harder to manipulate easily but high ponytails and wearing them pinned up in the back and draped over the side looks amazing.