You may have heard the tale of the one social media calls the female Future, a.k.a. Miss Lori Harvey. If you didn’t already know, Lori is praised by many women for doing what men have done to women for ages. Love them and leave them alone. Lori has dated some of the top Black male heart throbs such as Trey Songz, Future, Justin Combs and more recently Michael B. Jordan.

It has been confirmed that her and MBJ have split after a year and a half of dating and everyone on social media feels like it’s their time to shine with the influencer.

It seems like everyone was just waiting in the bleachers for Lori to be single once again. Many users are praising her for continuing on in her dating journey.

Meanwhile, on the other side of twitter, everyone feels like they can shoot their shot at Lori. Users practicing their pick up lines and putting Lori Harvey on their wishlists.

Of course, there’s a side of Twitter that isn’t a fan of Lori’s choices in her dating life. Several users combat those opinions by asking what a wealthy and beautiful woman should be in her early 20 if it isn’t dating? Regardless of which side of the fence you’re on, we know that Lori Harvey is enjoying her young years and that, we stan.

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