Who would be a better face for the platform to launch its new “Zine” with?

Fashion “It-girl,” model, and skincare guru, Lori Harvey took to her Instagram stories last night to share some clips from a very exquisite dinner party. Fans and followers could only speculate what the extravaganza was for. 

Turns out, it was actually a celebration held by social media company, Instagram for Harvey. She is the platform’s first cover star for their newest initiative, their magazine called The Zine.

Harvey reappeared on the platform this afternoon to first a reel of behind the scenes footage from her photoshoots for the cover, stating, “I had so much fun shooting this, the energy on set was amazing and the team was incredible! Thank you guys so much for having me be a part of this launch with you.”


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She followed up with some final shots from the photoshoots, and a brief explanation of “The Zine” for her followers. 

“Everyday emerging creators, designers, personalities and brands push culture forward on Instagram while remixing and reshaping beauty and fashion as they challenge conventions, encourage inclusivity and push boundaries,” she wrote. “That’s why each season, The Zine uncovers the emerging and niche forms of self-expression, visual aesthetics, and more inspired by young people who are sparking conversations around authenticity and identity.”

And ended with, “I’m honored to be a part of this launch as The Zine’s first cover star.”


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According to HelloBeautiful, Harvey was chosen as the magazine’s first cover star because of her “strong influence.” 

“Lori is just one of the many creators that I believe are the next generation of talent that’s redefining the boundaries of beauty and style. I can’t wait to see the new heights they’ll take us – the future is bright indeed,” shared Editor Eva Chen. 

Harvey’s final photos served up a variety of looks from retro-edge with spiky hair, bold pops of color and textures, 90’s nostalgia, zebra print hair, and so much more. 

Which look is your favorite?