Despite its newcomers, R&B will always have its icons — Aaliyah being a huge one.  We’re all still quite obsessed with the R&B queen, some more than others (ahem, Drake), but when i-D partnered with MAC Cosmetics to create a tribute film that celebrates Aaliyah’s life and legacy, we collectively lost our minds in excitement. The video features Aaliyah’s friends, family and fans.

The film, titled A-Z of Aaliyah, is an alphabetical guide of cultural movements, icons and trends directed by Cara Stricker. The film explores the legacy Aaliyah left behind and includes her influences on dance, pop culture, music and fashion. The film features scenes from times in the studio, exterior shots of Aaliyah’s home in Bed-Stuy and archival footage of the late singer.

Some of Aaliyah’s close friends, such as Timbaland and Missy Elliot, are featured in the video discussing her style with pure love and admiration. Along with Aaliyah’s friends and peers, those who were inspired by her are also featured — such Keke Palmer and Princess Nokia, to name a few.

photo: MAC Cosmetics website

With the magic of MAC Cosmetics and the fans of Aaliyah, there was no doubt that this homage was going to be both well thought-out and beautifully executed. According to AdWeek, Donna Lamar, the group creative director of VICE, spoke highly of the project:

"This project birthed creativity in ways that mirror Aaliyah’s influence on culture. 20 years ago she broke convention and created a style that young people could look up to and find their own beauty in. Many still do. So, we tried to honor her legacy by making her A- Z reflective of an artist who thought of herself as an interpreter, 'the one who takes your words and bring them to life.' She deconstructed the expected and made something new. Keke Palmer said it best, '…she (Aaliyah) epitomizes someone so fierce, so dope, so much of an individual that she inspired other people to feel like, you know what? I can be my own person too.'"

We can expect the Mac Cosmetics collection to be available in North America on June 20th and it will hit stores on June 21st. For the international markets, the collection can be expected sometime in July.

Check out the full video below: