As a makeup lover, I'm always looking for new ways to glam up my face without all the hassle. As I did more YouTube searches, I found that a lot of people used BB cream instead of foundation when they were going for an everyday look. But what is a BB cream? For all my beginners out there (myself included), I researched to find out the major differences between BB Cream and foundation:

BB stands for blemish balm or beauty balm

It's most often used to heal the skin or minimize wrinkles and dark spots. Foundation is for more coverage and less about healing skin's impurities.

Foundation is for full-coverage looks

Though it's possible to use minimal foundation for a less caked-on look, foundation provides more coverage than BB creams. So if you're looking for a more natural look, BB creams might be worth a try.

BB cream contains sunscreen

Every brand is different, so the amounts of sunscreen might vary. Generally speaking, most BB creams do contain sunscreen, which is essential to a proper skin care regimen.

Foundation comes in a higher variety of colors

BB creams are tinted moisturizers, but some only come in light colors. This is mostly because when you apply it to your skin, they will "blend in with your complexion." If you're looking for something that matches your skin tone more precisely, foundations give you a better variety to choose from.

Foundations can be more drying to the skin

Foundations come in a variety of finishes such as dewy or matte, but can be somewhat drying to the skin. BB creams are moisturizers and will allow your face to have some coverage while still being healthy and supple.

BB Cream has primer already built in

When applying foundation, many of us have to use a primer first to ensure a long-lasting look. BB cream works as a primer by itself.