Roasted chicken and vegetables are the essential ingredients for one of my favorite meals. It's simple, filling and flavorful. We roasted these on the rotisserie, but an oven works just fine and makes the process much simpler. All of the veggies can be found pre-chopped and packaged in your local grocery store — sometimes it's okay to cut corners. Cooking from scratch every night can be time consuming. 

Photo: Devonnie Black

What you'll need 

1 5-6 pound seasoned whole chicken (you can get it from Whole Foods

2-4 sweet potatoes 

1 large butternut squash 

2 cloves garlic 

1 red pepper 

1 green pepper 

1 medium red onion 

Photo: Devonnie Black


Preheat the oven to 425 F. While the oven is heating up, peel and cube the butternut squash. Add garlic, salt and pepper to the squash, drizzle with olive oil and place them on a tray. Slice the peppers and onion and set aside. Place the chicken in a roasting pan and put it in the oven, along with the sweet potatoes wrapped in foil and the squash on the tray. Bake the chicken for 1 1/2 hours, check on it periodically. The potatoes and squash should take about 45 minutes. 

Photo: Devonnie Black Photo: Devonnie Black

Once the chicken and veggies are resting, sauté the peppers and onions in garlic, olive oil and red chili flakes. Serve and enjoy!